Sunday, November 11, 2012

Eliza Quotes

"Grandpa, you don't have much hair."

"I'm going to grace you with a lima bean kiss!" (eating lima beans this evening for dinner - her request - I don't know where she learned about the word 'grace'!?)

"I'm helping you buy lots of healthy food, Mama" (at the grocery store this evening, as she put raspberries into the cart, followed by an apple and a pomegranate).

"I am old enough to eat popcorn and when I am 55 I will drink beer."

"What was your favorite part of our day today, Eliza?"  "Going to the comic book store with dada and eating applesauce at the [brunch place]. And healthy food." (I swear we're not crazy with the healthy food talk!  We just mention it when we talk about growing up big and strong... she's really interested in that right now I guess!)

"Come on in, Mama!" (She says this to me each night when it's my turn in the bedtime parent rotation - after daddy sings and reads a book, I'm up.  She waits by her door for me, opens it when I get there, and says this, complete with hand gestures.  It's the cutest thing.)


Just a few I didn't want to forget.  Love this age.  She says the cutest and most random things!

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Gemini Momma said...

I LOVE when you post these. I can't wait for this kind of stuff to come out of my kids' mouths! And this: "I am old enough to eat popcorn and when I am 55 I will drink beer." you need to like, crochet on a pillow or paint on a sign and hang it in her room or something. So funny!

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