Thursday, June 23, 2011

List Update

Remember this list I made?  It was exactly two weeks ago and, as of today, of the ten items on that list, I have completed five.

#1: My closet.  Officially cleaned out and organized.  Gave away two huge garbage bags full of clothing to the goodwill.  It feels great to be able to actually pull things off hangers and out of drawers that I know fit me and that are seasonally appropriate (of course, today it was barely 60 degrees so I had to dig for a sweatshirt - gah! What's with this weather?)

#2: Well, I bought a few new summer shirts and I did find a dress at the thrift store, but it's sort of too fancy for everyday casual dress-wearing.  Anyway, at least I have a few new items to choose from.

#5: The cats.  Those poor animals.  I have been giving them more attention lately and hubby and I managed to finally trim their nails, so we're making steps in the right direction.  Unfortunately, it seems that Eliza has made it her goal to negate all of this progress by grabbing them, pulling them down from wherever they were peacefully sleeping, yanking on their paws and generally just harassing them nonstop.  Poor things!

#7: The dust ruffle on E's crib!  Done!  And I decided not to actually hem it, but to use double-sided tape so that I could undo it in the future in case (hopefully, when) we need to use the crib again at the highest mattress setting.

#9: My tomato beds: weeded and mulched!  Eliza helped me do this today.  We had great fun - turns out she's an expert at grabbing handfuls of mulch and throwing them on the tomato bed.  And we found cocoa bean mulch, which is the best stuff in the world - have you ever smelled it?  It smells like chocolate!  And, it's pretty.  Highly recommended.

So, my progress is not all that bad I guess - 5 out of 10 isn't bad!

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Alyssa said...

Take a photo of the mulch!!

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