Thursday, June 9, 2011

What I keep meaning to do...

I've noticed a few bloggers recently posting all the things they have been meaning to do lately, but have been putting off.  I knew I had to get in on this - I love lists.  Is it just me?  No no, I KNOW there are lots of you who get all excited by a potential list-making opportunities.  Admit it.  It's the first step, people.

Anyway, yes, list-making is a favorite past time of mine, and this exercise made me realize how many things I've been meaning to do*... and have been putting off.  So I thought maybe if I wrote them all down (or, at least the first 10 that came to my mind) in black and white, I might actually get the motivation to do them.  Well, a girl can hope anyway...

  1. Clean out my über-tiny closet, switch out winter clothes for summer clothes the three t-shirts and one pair of shorts that are in a box labeled "summer clothes" in the basement.
  2. Buy some new summer clothes - oh, and buy a dress!  Yes, I want to wear dresses.  Summery, casual ones.  That go with casual sandals.
  3. List items on eBay that I've been meaning to sell for... a while.
  4. Go through Eliza's dresser and box up clothes that no longer fit her or are too warm to wear - it was 104 degrees here yesterday, people!  It's time for the warm clothes to move over (for at least a few months...) and make room for summer clothes.
  5. Pay more attention to my cats.  This includes: brushing them, clipping their daggers nails regularly, and other good-cat-owner behaviors.  They have been seriously neglected since approximately 11-14-09.
  6. Get my sewing machine fixed so that I can...
  7. Hem the dust ruffle (what an ugly name for something so pretty) on Eliza's crib.  I made it so that it was the right length for the mattress at its highest/wee-baby setting, and now that it's on the lowest setting, it looks ridiculous.  
  8. Find or develop a recipe for a healthy muffin for Eliza.  That girl is SUCH a carb fiend (hubby wants to find this shirt in her size), and I'd like to offer her a nutrient-packed, whole wheat, grainy (read: not as yummy) version of one of her favorite treats: the muffin.  Recommendations welcome!
  9. Weed my tomato bed.  Buy cocoa bean mulch, add mulch to said tomato bed.
  10. Buy thistle seed and fill the backyard bird feeders.

*this list (obviously) only pertains to inter-household/domestic-awesomeness duties.  My long list of grad school to-dos is tedious and boring, so I won't make you read it.  You're welcome.


Alyssa said...

Mmmm....lists...I love them :)

That shirt is awesome.

Jessie said...

Ooh, good list (and awesome shirt - I want one!). And if you ever need anyone to come hang out with E. while you're working on that list, you know I will!!

Arwhen said...

Love the list! Also love that there's now a mobile version of your blog - how did you manage to do that?

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