Monday, December 14, 2009


I could just stick 'em in a pita pocket and eat them!

(reference, anyone?)


just me, dawn said...

not sure of your reference.....but those toes do look good enough to eat :)

Emmy said...

SOOOO cute!! I know I've heard the quote many times, but can't recall where! It's gonna drive me crazy!

Jen said...

It sounds kind of like the Friends episode where all the... friends, ha... meet Emma, and either Monica or Phoebe talks about how cute she is and wants to eat up her little feet, hands, etc.

... That is an oddly specific amount of knowledge I have, I know - but what can I say? Bed rest made me a major couch potato. hahaha

I am glad motherhood is going so well! I am the worst.blogger.everrrrrrr... hopefully I will learn to juggle both soon! :)

Jen said...

PS - I am obsessed with my baby's feet. They are literally my favorite part of her! I have no idea why babies' feet are so adorable, but they are irresistible!

Ella said...

Way to go, Jen - you got it - a Friends reference. What else? (It was Phoebe who commented that she could stick Emma's feet in a pita pocket and eat them!).

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