Sunday, December 13, 2009


  • Showering. I think I'm finally up to showering at least three times a week - hooray! Let's not talk about how often I showered when we first brought her home. Thanks. Oh, and this may also apply to brushing my teeth... eeeggghhhh... yeah. All I can say is I'm glad we're back to normal in that department.
  • Running to the store. Having a baby in the wintertime (and especially right before a blizzard), you just don't want to leave the cozy warm house very often and brave the freeeeezing cold temps. And so, your Tar.get runs become less frequent. But no problem, you have a husband! And so, you put a shopping list together. You put "shampoo" on it. HOWEVER, if you think that means he'll know which shampoo brand to buy, you might be incorrect in that assumption, and you might end up shampooing your hair with Green Apple shampoo. It could happen.
  • Sleeping. We bought a co-sleeper before she was born, put it next to our bed and planned for her to sleep in it from day 1. And then day 1 got here, and it was 2 am on day 1, and she wouldn't sleep, and we hadn't slept in like 20 hours... and so I brought her into our bed, and - gasp! - let her sleep on her side because the girl LOATHES sleeping on her back - and WE ALL SLEPT! So, it turns out that the reality is YOU DO WHATEVER YOU NEED TO DO TO SLEEP. And so, for now, we share sleep. And we're cool with it (thank you, Dr. Sears!).
  • Being a Mom is awesome. This is my favorite reality. It's so true. Eliza fits into our family like a missing puzzle piece. It's beautiful. It's surreal. I love being her mom. She is my little sugar bear, my Eliza bean, my precious miracle. I couldn't be more grateful for my life and my little family. We are complete.

(Excuse me while I go try to get the green apple scent out of my hair...)


just me, dawn said...

i am still chuckling over the green apple....i imagine my darling husband might do something like that. glad you are regularly showering and especially loving being a mom! good for you for doing what you and your baby need!

Abby said...

oh yes, how i remember the days of no showering and infrequent teeth-brushing. thank goodness (for everyone!) that it doesn't last too long! =) glad that you are still loving being a mommy! i have to see you and that little girl again some time soon! come on over! =)

Missy said...

What's wrong with green apple shampoo?

Jessie said...

I love these bullet posts! I think they are probably very true to new-mommy life and how fast ideas fly through your mind. Can't wait to see you/Eliza again, now that you're showering... :D

Sanchez Stories said...

This is a great post! If I send my DH with a list, and it's not specific..... WATCH OUT!

Love that shampoo (NOT)!

Sending hugs.... Can't wait to be where you are, but with two!

Wendy said...

LMAO at the green apple shampoo. Oh men. Glad to hear that Mommyhood is suiting you well!!

Jen said...

I could have written this entire post! The showering/teeth brushing thing is so pathetically true... but the baby doesn't complain, so why should I? ha

...We don't co-sleep, though, because I have a borderline psychosis about smothering Lily in her sleep. No lie. I wake up freaked out several times a night that she's smothered under the covers... and I just put it together that it was because I, with my chest in its sensitive nursing sate, hug a small pillow when I sleep... a small pillow that is just about the size and mass of my child. Ha! It's morbidly funny that I think my baby is a pillow I've killed. Oh boy.

...the word verification I have to type for this comment is "unwell." :)

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