Saturday, May 11, 2013

P2's Nursery

When we moved to our new house last year, I quickly did the space-in-the-house-math, and realized that I'd get the privilege of decorating a nursery for (then yet to be conceived) P2!  I didn't think I'd get to do another nursery, so this was fun for me.  I had such a good time decorating a nursery for Eliza in our old house (still miss that room), I was really excited to do it again.

The room is small, much smaller than Eliza's current room (we're thinking they will share Eliza's room at some point), and a bit smaller than her first nursery in our old house, as well.  Initially, I didn't think we'd even be able to fit everything that I wanted to fit in the room.  After a few pregnancy-hormone-related meltdowns about not being able to fit everything in the room, we (Andy) finally found a configuration that would allow for the crib, the glider and a changing table to share the space nicely.  I left the walls the color they were painted when we moved in - partly out of laziness and also because the color started to grow on me the more time I spent in the space.  Decidedly a non-girly shade of blue/gray (a big difference from Eliza's pretty pink nursery walls!), it is a nice, cool color, and I thought if I pulled in some other colors and patterns, I could make it a sweet little room for my second baby girl.  And I think I did just that!

Here are some pics!

Only new decor I splurged on: a butterfly orb from Etsy.  LOVE.

Still love the curtains my mom and I made for Eliza's nursery.  Oh! And the blanket on the glider is a new one my mom knit for P2.  It's made from the most lovely yarn.  It's really beautiful.  And that's a new changing table (thanks to the generosity of my in-laws!), and of course that good old cooshee changing pad.

My handy dad is making us a radiator "cap" that will act as a shelf on top of the radiator to put a few little things (things that won't melt, lol).  That radiator is in bad shape, now that I see it in this photo - eek! Probably should have that repainted at some point.

Isn't that mirror great!?  It was hanging in our basement when we moved in - score!  The curtain is the "door" to the little closet that P2 and mama will have to share.
Speaking of that closet...
(And oh please don't count the number of baby-wearing contraptions you see there.  It's... a sickness)

The only thing I'm not yet satisfied with are the two corner walls above the glider.  None of the wall hanging options I currently have seems to "go" there very well - everything feels too small for the space, and the corner aspect of it is throwing me off (do they have to match? Be symmetric? Or should they be asymmetrical?).  I hung up that sweet little dress in an effort to shake it up a bit and do something other than just hang another picture or picture frame.  I still have two small (5x7") white frames that I could hang somewhere, and I do want to eventually use them for the maternity pics we had taken last weekend.  Any tips anyone can offer are welcome!  Trying hard to do this on a budget and use things we already have (read: TRYING TO STAY OFF ETSY!!).

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Going home: 7 lbs 10 ozs
5 days: 7 lbs 13 ozs
2 months: 12 lbs 6 ozs
4 months: 17 lbs
5 months: 18 lbs 12 ozs
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