Wednesday, June 29, 2011

A Day in the Life

This sounded like fun, so I thought I'd join in and try blogging a few days in our life...though I don't think I will be able to do the whole week...


Eliza woke up at 6:00 this morning, and even after going to sleep last night before 10pm (9:30, I think?), I was dragging this morning when my wake-up call came.  She woke up at 10:00, 11:45 and then like 3(?)am, which is unusual for her these days (she's down to more like 2 wakings only - hooray!), so I was tired.  What's new though, right?  It was okay though, because Eliza was happy as a clam and that smile of hers can cheer me right up.  So anyway, she nursed in bed for a while and we just lazed around for a while before we both rolled out of bed around 6:20.  Then she climbed down off the bed and went to the door saying "dada", so I knew she was ready to get going (and she hasn't quite figured out how to open doors yet, so I have to open the door for her).

Hubby leaves the house about 7:00 and so Eliza likes to "help" him get ready by making him read her a few stories, asking to smell his breath after he brushes his teeth (haha, it's become sort of a thing they do now), and "helping" him pick out what to wear that day.  This gives me a few minutes to fully wake up, check my email, get my coffee made (I LOVE MY KEURIG!), and maybe turn on the news to check the weather.

We say bye-bye to dada around 7.  Eliza needs a diaper change so I do that first, and then she requests that I put her swim suit on her.  Okay, whatever floats your boat, child.  So on goes the swim suit.  I start breakfast - oatmeal and eggs.  My mom calls and says she and my dad are going to stop by for a visit before my mom has to go to work.  Yay!  Eliza waits for them at the door and greets them.  They brought cereal for breakfast, and a ripe peach, too, so we all eat together - it's quite the spread.

After breakfast, my mom plays with Eliza for a bit, and Eliza convinces grandma to let her go for a "swim" in the bathtub.  Eliza loves water, and she loves all her bath toys - so she fills up the tub with a bit of water and Eliza sits in it and plays.  They leave soon after and I check my email and a couple of blogs again while Eliza continues to play in the tub (don't worry, I sat right next to her on the floor of the bathroom).

I have to get the kitchen cleaned up and the dishes washed, so Eliza watches a bit of an Elmo's World DVD while I do that.  She eventually gets tired of it (she loves it for about 15 minutes and then seems to get bored), so she plays by herself while I finish.  I'm so glad she's getting better at independent play time!

Then we get dressed, change diaper again, get a snack/drink together and, by 9:40, we finally get out the door.  We go to baby story time every Tuesday at a local bookstore.  Eliza loves it, and I actually do too :)  We get there about 30 minutes early so we can get a good spot (it gets super busy and space is tight).  Story time goes from 10:30-11:05.  Then we usually head straight home for nap.  This morning we went to my parents' house because my dad was going to watch Eliza from 12:30-4:00 and I knew she would never be up from her nap by 12:30 in time for me to bring her over there, so I just put her down at their house.  She fell asleep about 11:30.

I was gone from about 12:30 - 4:20, and it's pretty unusual for me to be gone that long (or at all!), so I suppose this isn't a typical "day in the life"...

When I got back to my parents' house, I found Eliza and Grandpa swinging in the backyard swing having a great time.  My dad said Eliza woke up about 1:00, she ate some lunch, they walked to the park and had a great afternoon together.  She always has fun with Grandpa.

Eliza had a snack at their house before we left, and then we said goodbye to Grandpa.  We spent about 5 minutes in the driveway where Eliza protested quite loudly about getting into her car seat.  Oh yes folks, this child is almost 20 months old and she still hates her car seat, and likes to tell me about it quite frequently.  We have a car seat battle nearly every day where she physically refuses to sit in her car seat. Although, I will say that she is quite reasonable, and after some talking to her, she stops fighting me and sits in it herself.  I don't feel comfortable physically pushing her down to get her buckled... at least it's never had to come to that yet...

So we get home around 5:15 or so.  Hubby gets home around 6:15 usually, so we have an hour until he's home and I know dinner will only take like 20 minutes so Eliza and I play for a while.  I also check my email on my iPod, open the mail, and return a phone call.

Eventually I make dinner: spicy black bean burgers, brown rice/peas/carrots medley (frozen - don't get any crazy ideas that I made that in 15 minutes!), and peach slices.  Hubby gets home and we eat at about 6:15.

After dinner, we start the bathtub, hubby reads Eliza a few books and then he handles bath time with her while I wash the dishes and clean up the kitchen.  I usually try to go in at about 7:00 to help her brush her teeth and get her out of the tub.  Then it's diaper, PJs and milk time.  She was asleep by 7:30.

Tomorrow I'll try to include photos!

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Katrina said...

I love reading about other people's days with kids the same age as Jace. BUT, please explain to me how this whole "I was gone from 12:30-4:20" thing happens?! How do I make that happen! :)

As far as the carseat, Jace thinks it's a game to not let me put him in and run away from me... I have a little less patience than you I guess because I've had to force him into getting buckled in plenty of times... :)

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