Thursday, January 13, 2011

Pulling Teeth!

Getting a good half-decent photo of Eliza is getting harder and harder these days.  She is a busy girl and has many more important things to do than to sit still and smile for mama's camera.  But the other day, I was DETERMINED.  I was going to get a photo of her in the cute outfit from her Auntie/Godmama Ashley.  And, for your viewing pleasure, instead of just giving you the ONE winning photo (out of 29), I'll delight you with a few outtakes.  

Here's how it went...

 1) Here she is in mid-whine, mad that I took away her My Little Pony brush.  I tried to reason with her: "but dear, the pink plastic brush really clashes with the red shirt..."

2) "Wait, wait, what's that...?":

3) And here she is attempting to placate me... most likely hoping that if she agrees to at least LOOK at the camera I'll let her go.  NO SUCH LUCK, CHILD.  This is why I had you - to dress you up and take your picture!  Muahahahahahaha!

 4) And then things turned ugly... 

5) I... I really have no words for this:

6) "WAT? You haven't gotten a good one yet?  How is that possible, Mama?"

And finally, here was our winner:

But if you ask this mama, I think they're all pretty dang cute. ;O)

[shirt by Speesees]


justadrienne said...

SO cute! And funny, hehe. Eliza is beautiful as always!

Dawn said...

Too funny! She is getting so big & if possible...even cuter!!!

To A T said...

LOL! Too cute! I have the same issues with B, so know you aren't alone in taking 50 shots, just for one good one ;-)

Jessica said...

So so cute and so funny! I laughed out loud. She is such a cutie pie and I love the snarl :)

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