Monday, January 17, 2011

It's the little things.

Today I'm celebrating five little things that make me happy:

1. Eliza slept until 7:00am this morning!  Since going down to one nap, she seems to be sleeping in later on a semi-regular basis.  This is cause for major celebration around these parts - she has historically been a 5-5:30am waker.  Now excuse me while I go knock on some wood...

2. A fun coffee "play date" this morning that Eliza and I had with a good friend from school.  We got lattes and played in the kids' section of a bookstore and chatted.  She doesn't have a baby, so she helped me wrangle mine!  It was fun to catch up with her and watch Eliza play.

3. Afternoon nap time today: me, my two kitties, a (mildly) sicky husband (who came home unexpectedly from work today) and my laptop (of course!), allllll curled up in bed for a couple of hours while Eliza naps.  

4. My new boots!  My dad totally surprised me by offering to buy me some much-needed winter boots.  We get a lot of snow around here (especially this winter - holy hannah!), and I need some heavy-duty boots that will be up to the challenge.  I got these.  Heavy duty, but with style!  Those people at Sorel sure know their winter boots...

5. My favorite new Aveda product.  This stuff smells sooooo good.  I love using it to massage Eliza's legs or arms after bath, and I use it along with my favorite hand cream (which is unscented) to relieve the really dry hands I seem to get every winter.  You can also use it for scalp massage or whenever you need a relaxing scent.  I love it.

Happy Monday everyone!  What little things made you happy today?

**updated to add a 6th little thing: I passed my critical exam (which is actually a paper, not an exam) today, one of two preliminary exams required on the road to my Ph.D.  That's a not-so-little thing to be happy about today, too!


Summer said...

Those boots are totally cute! I bought myself some new ones for this winter (thank goodness!)

What made me happy today - being able to take 2 naps while Eddie took (still taking) his 2, but still getting up with enough time to have a snack and play on the computer while he slept :-) Oh - and my baby is 10 months today!!!

Dawn said...

Cute post! Addy is a 5:45am waker too. Nice to know I have some hope later on!!

Anonymous said...

Not to mention passing another milestone in your program! What a day.

Abby said...

Congratulations on the 7am wake up! Hope it lasts for you!! =) And congrats on your program, too!

Hm, what made me happy today: no school and I got a bonus day to sleep in (why is it always about sleep?!) and lots of cuddle time with the little ones. What could be better? =)

Ash said...

Way to go on your test! Those boots are SO cute! I hope the early wake up continue to be a thing of the past:)

Jessie said...

:D Good day!

Jessica said...

Those boots are awesome! I was telling Mike the other day I needed to get a pair of boots. and I might have to try that hand cream, because this winter is not doing well for my skin.

Since it's not Monday anymore, I will tell you what I am Happy for this week. I am happy that I took Gabby to the doctor. She is sleeping much better tonight than in past nights :)

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