Wednesday, December 22, 2010


We have a busy holiday week ahead!  We are celebrating Christmas with my family on Friday and then we're driving up to be with hubby's family from Saturday through Tuesday.  We're looking forward to a relaxing mini-vacation away from home and from allllll the snow we have.  Something like 34" has fallen already this month!  Too much, if you ask me.  I can barely get out of my driveway!

Anyway, our little star is going to have a really fun Christmas, I think.  She doesn't know what presents are yet, of course, but just spending all that time with both sets of grandparents and all of her family will be great fun for her.  We're not big on giving a ton of gifts, so Hubby and I bought her a few books and this truck, which I think she will really like.  She's started taking the two little cars that she has and "driving" them around the floor lately, which is so cute!  No one has ever taught her or modeled that for her, so I don't know where she picked it up...!  So I think she'll love this truck - AND, it's made from 100% "curbside collected plastic milk containers".  How cool is that??

As for Mama, I finished all my school work for the semester, which feels great.  What a relief to be done with that semester.  I have a break until Spring semester starts on January 18th; I think it's going to be a tough semester, class-wise, so I'm going to enjoy this break and soak up every minute of mental freedom knowing there is no school work hanging over my head!

I hope everyone has a peaceful and very merry Christmas!


Dawn said...

Merry Christmas to you & your family!

Aletta said...

Patrick's getting the same truck :) Merry Christmas!!!

Abby said...

Have fun and have a great Christmas!! See you next week, I hope! =)

To A T said...

Merry Christmas Ella!! Hope it's wonderful! :)

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