Thursday, September 9, 2010

Great Post

Pioneer woman wrote a great post yesterday with some advice about blogging (here).  She is so right.  I especially love the first one - be yourself.  That is so important to a blog.  PW does a great job being herself on her blog.  She's imperfect and she loves to tell her readers about her imperfections in ways that aren't overly self-deprecating, but simply honest -- and always humorous.  She also advises blogging regularly.  That's been hard for me to do lately, but I'm going to keep trying because I really think it's important.  Keeps those fingers moving and the brain engaged.

The one that stuck out for me was #3: Be Varied.  Hm.  That's a tough one for me and this here blog.  I usually stick to Eliza-only content because this is meant to be a (somewhat loose, sometimes sloppy, often kinda-boring) record of her young life... but I've been thinking about that lately and I might end up going rogue and starting another blog somewhere else... I mean, really, the only people who are truly interested in all-Eliza-all-the-time info are either related to me or my husband.  And I'm okay with that.  For this blog... but maybe I need another blog to stretch and grow a bit.  Anyway, this idea is still forming and I'm not quite ready to do it yet, but when I do... you'll know.  Well, maybe you'll know.  Okay fine, I'll tell you (maybe).


Now go forth and blog!


Alyssa said...

Oh - love that post! Sometimes I get concerned that my posts are all over the place (work, Baby G, knitting, random stuff), but my readers seem to be okay with it.

I don't think you need to start a new blog - you can always just expand this one. Although, I guess it depends what you want to blog about (and if you want your current readers to read it).

For what it's worth, I'm not related to you guys and I love reading your blog!

Abby said...

I loved PW's post, too! And I, of course, love reading updates about little E (and everything else you post). You were my original bloggy inspiration, after all. =)

Summer said...

I agree with Abby - I also love reading all your updates on Eliza. I recently was having a bit of a blog identity crisis, but have found that the more often I blog, I tend to blog about stuff other than Eddie. Of course, that other stuff tends to be baking and I have a separate blog for that too . . . Oh well! I did enjoy that post - thanks for sharing.

Sarah said...

I just love PW. She's awesome.

If I were you, I would think about morphing this blog into a blog that talks about everything, vs. taking on a second blog all together. Two may be easier for you, but for me I felt like if I tried to divide my interests, I would always favor one blog and the other would just eventually go away. I use Bio Girl for everything, but then again, I had it way before Henry was born or before we were even thinking about trying for him. So maybe that makes it different.

Good luck and make sure to let us know your new blog address!

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