Tuesday, August 3, 2010

"So for God's sake..."

It's World Breastfeeding Week!  In honor of this week devoted to promoting and supporting breastfeeding, I wanted to share an interesting article I read today about yet another benefit of breastfeeding that is being studied at UC Davis - this time it's a protective bacteria that coats the infant's intestines (As one researcher said: "Mothers are recruiting another life-form to baby-sit their baby"! Researcher-humor is always HILARIOUS, OF COURSE.)

I think my favorite quote was the very last line: "So for God’s sake, please breast-feed".  Ha!  Love it.

Go here to read it!


Nobody said...

I read that yesterday, and my favorite part was learning that cells functioning properly commit suicide when they are infected -- so awesome -- and this part: “Everything in milk costs the mother — she is literally dissolving her own tissues to make it."

However, with the intense amount of rah rah breastfeeding going on this week (and always, generally), let's pause and recognize that breastfeeding isn't the best choice for everyone in every situation. Moms who need antidepressants come to mind. I think the militant pro-breastfeeding brigade (Gisele Bundchen, for example) goes a little overboard sometimes and neglects to consider the feelings of people who just can't do it.

Ruth said...

Great article! I understand that breastfeeding can be very difficult and painful in the beginning. But I don't get it when women don't even consider the benefits of breast milk and refuse to try it for the sake of their own comfort. My SIL was heartbroken when she couldn't get her son to nurse, but she pumped for 9 months. Good point though about mothers on medication, it definitely is a consideration if too much concentration of the meds are in the breastmilk.

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