Saturday, June 5, 2010

Random Updates

What's new, my bloggy friends?

I've been a bit behind with blogging lately, having been unable to find the time to sit and type with my little active girl (almost) on the go!  We've been keeping busy, which is both good and bad as everyone knows.  I love getting out and doing things with Eliza during the day, but then I come home and see all the work I've been neglecting... yard work, laundry, dishes, cleaning, school work... the list goes on!

We've been going to play dates with our mom and baby group about once or twice a week.  Yesterday, Eliza and I hosted a play date, which was a great success.  I thought my house was too small for five moms and babies, but we made space by moving the dining room table to the corner of the dining room and putting blankets down on the rug.  All the babies rolled around and played with toys and the various extremities of their neighboring baby, it was cute!

What else...?

Eliza LOVES our cats.  Especially our female cat, I think.  It is so adorable the way she lights up and squeals when she sees them.  She has been laughing a lot more lately, too; she does this little throat laugh that kind of turns into a belly laugh... it's hard to describe, but it is the best sound in the world!

She is trying to get moving and has started showing the telltale signs that crawling is in her near future.  She props herself up with her arms and can swing her legs back behind her, but then she just collapses onto her tummy and rolls over.  It's funny - it's like she knows this move has potential... she just needs to figure out the next step.

Oh, and the FUNNIEST thing (that had hubby and I nearly in tears tonight) is that she's figured out that she can blow 'raspberries' on my shoulder.  And she's REALLY REALLY good at it, too - the kid is a pro raspberry blower.  We were in the bathtub and she did it for like 5 minutes straight.  She's got it down so well that she can even control the duration and pitch of the sound - and you can tell that she prefers the really low and loooong raspberries as opposed to the more high pitched, staccato ones.  HA!  I've got to get it on video, it is hilarious.

BLW is going really well so far, and I can see that Eliza is liking it, too.  I know hubby and I are having a ton of fun watching her explore the foods we offer her, and a cool side effect is that mealtime is a family affair now - we all eat together at the same time around the table.  One of us doesn't have to feed Eliza - she does it herself!  Although she sometimes needs some help with especially slippery foods, and she hasn't quite gotten the hang of her sippy cup yet, so we're still pretty busy at dinnertime :)

So much to say, so little time!  She is changing and growing so fast, it's really quite amazing to watch.  I just had to get a few things down so I wouldn't forget them!

Hope everyone is enjoying the weekend!

(Couldn't post without a few recent pics:)


Kim D. said...

That last picture is super funny to me for some reason!

Alyssa said...

Love the update! I'm so glad to hear that she loves your cats. I've heard all kinds of horror stories where people end up giving up their pets because of the baby, and it brings me to tears just thinking of it. So, your experience brings me hope!

justadrienne said...

I want to squeeze her thighs!!! SOOO cute and chubby!

Jessica said...

Thanks for the update! My niece did the raspberry thing around Eliza's age and it was adorable. I hope you can get and the laugh on video :)

What book are you reading for the BLW? I am really curious about it. As I watch my niece start to eat her food at 1 year, Eliza is already past what she is doing, so I am curious.

Sailor's Girl said...

Isn't it amazing how priorities change, along with routines, with the arrival of a little one? I found it extremely difficult to blog on a regular basis after my little Monkey was born. Now, 14 months later, I am still trying to find my own pace when it comes to keeping up. Kudos to you for juggling it all so well!

sarah said...

She is such a doll!!

Henry loves our cats too. I love to watch them play! She loves our dog ellie, but that playing makes me more nervous...

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