Sunday, May 30, 2010

What IS this thing?

To most babies, this is a pacifier.  Something that pacifies.  To our dear girl, it is more of a mystery.   She has never really understood what in the heck this thing is really for.

 What is this thing for, Mama?

It has a handy rubber handle to grab onto...

...and the side is rather pleasing to gnaw on... feels good on the gums.

I KNOW!  Mama, I cast a spell on you with it.  ABRACADABRA.


Hey, I'm cool.  I know what's up.  THIS is the right way to do it, YO.

OH WAIT, I've got it now...

(but I still think you make a better pacifier, Mama)


Ash said...

Tee hee. Teddy figured it out within seconds and sometimes prefers it to me as he is always getting milk from me and sometimes even big guys like him get full LOL. He has a very strong sucking need though so I am SO thankful he took one from the beginning. I'm glad Eliza is starting to like one- even though it doesn't sound like it is necessary!:)

B MoM said...

ha, sounds just like Kaua! He did the exact same thing with a pacifier, and doesn't like it at all. Kinda sucks that he prefers me instead....ah well, i think we'll hopefully be greatful that we dont have to wean him off of it when he's 2 or 3.

Jessica said...

Cute Photos! My niece does that with hers too. She loves moving it around and sucking on the other side.

Sailor's Girl said...

That's so cute! My little Monkey was the same way. He didn't ever really grasp the concept of the paci. When he finally did get it into his mouth, his conclusion was pretty much the same . No thanks, I prefer Mommy.

But the upside I suppose is that we won't be trying to break him of the habit when he is a little bit older.

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