Friday, May 14, 2010

She can't believe it, either.

Eliza, you are six months old today!  


Yes, it's true, my sweet baby - mama can't believe it either!



So, what's new with Eliza this month?
  • She is ticklish!  We were wondering when this would develop, and it is SO CUTE.  We tickle her under her arms or on her belly or her neck and she giggles like crazy.  I love it, I could do it all day.
  • She's sitting up by herself really well - once in a while she still topples over, but for the most part she is catching herself before falling; she's getting so strong!
  • Eliza has TWO teeth now!  Her second bottom tooth came in about a week after her first one did - they both came in very fast and we didn't see many of the telltale signs of teething, she wasn't even very fussy!  
  • Nursing is still one of her favorite hobbies ;)  She's nursing anywhere from 8-10 times a day, and she's gotten very fast - our nursing sessions are rarely more than 5-10 minutes anymore!  I am still loving nursing her, and I look forward to many more months of it.
  • She's still wearing medium diapers, and she's mostly in 6-9 month and 9 month size clothing.
  • She is grabbing everything, putting EVERYTHING in her mouth, and is just generally intent on exploring everything single little thing around her.  She is a very focused little girl, we think she is already brilliant, of COURSE!  But REALLY (no, really!), it does seem like she is going to be an incredibly smart one.  And it's not just her parents who think so, her grandparents totally agree.  ;)
  • Eliza is such a happy baby; it is so wonderful to be around her.  I feel so lucky to be her mama.  She just seems to have a very easy-going personality and I love spending my days with her.  She is content to sit in her crib and play with her toys, and she also loves to sit and play with mama and daddy or grandma and grandpa.  
  • Eliza loves her kitties, she pets them, squeals in delight and smiles at them, I won't be surprised if her first word is "cat".  
  • She "talks" a LOT.  She says lots of different sounds, like "dah", "gah", "mah" and just today I heard what sounded like "vah"... it's so fascinating to hear her develop "language".  Oh, and of course she still enjoys a good screech - especially when we are in public!
My beautiful girl, your family loves you so much!  We couldn't have asked for a more pleasant, smart, funny, cute, captivating little baby!  Every day with you is more fun than the last.  You are the light of my world.  I love you!


justadrienne said...

Happy six month birthday beautiful girl!!

Arwhyn said...

Happy 6 month birthday, Eliza!! You are doing so well, no wonder mummy and daddy are so proud of you :-)
P.S. Loved the captions under the pics ;-)

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