Saturday, May 15, 2010

No Sweet Peas...

The sweet peas aren't *quite* in season around here apparently, so we had to switch our plan... and we also figured that if we were going to start with BLW right off the bat, we'd want to start with something she can easily grab onto.  So... we didn't really plan it, but while we were eating dinner, she was grabbing at my plate and we were eating steamed green beans as a side, so I just handed her a green bean.  She - of course - put it right in her mouth and started gnawing on it.  It was pretty cute.  Although she didn't really eat any of it, she did seem to get a kick out of the texture and flavor of it.  She kept putting it down and picking it right back up and gnawing on it.  Cute cute cute!

This morning, we decided to really get down to business, so we put her in her high chair, put a bib on her, and gave her some banana.  It was so fun to watch!  She picked up a piece right away and bit into it.  She seemed to like it, because she didn't put it down.  She would put it down and pick it up over and over again until she had banana all over her face, hands, arms... oh MY, it was messy!  But that's part of the fun!  Eventually the banana got slippery and she had trouble holding onto it, so daddy helped out and put it in her mouth so she could get some more.

Here are some pics!  Oh, and of course I didn't grab my camera right away (we were video taping it at that point), so I missed getting a shot of her actually holding it to her mouth.

Check out the middle photo, you can see her two little teeth!!


justadrienne said...

So cute!! I can't believe that about a year from now, my baby will be eating his/her first foods! I can't wait!! (But I will wait, as we talked about--heheh.)

Jessica said...

Sounds like her first experience went well! I can't believe how big she has gotten. Those teeth are adorable!

Ash said...

So cute! I am glad the first attempt went so well:)

jrose35 said...

She is too cute Ella! I can't wait to feed our daughter her first banana I love bananas and I am hoping my daughter loves them too. She is so precious!

Abby said...

She's so cute, Ella! Glad she's loving the food . . . it's so fun to watch them experience the different tastes and textures. Enjoy! =)

Wendy said...

awwww love it! She's gonna love real food, I can tell! :)

Wendy said...

me again - can you remind me what that site was again - the one that you converted all your old blog posts to a book?

B MoM said...

i've been thinking and thinking about BLW ever since your first post. I'm thinking about trying it with my son someday soon....good to hear that Eliza is taking to it!

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