Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Nothin' Much

Although times around here are never dull, I haven't felt like I've had much to say lately.  I've also been enjoying not being on the computer (for fun) as much.

I've been working hard on one of two papers I have to write to finish last semester's classes.  My profs were very understanding last semester (when I up and gave BIRTH in the middle of the semester) and actually gave me until the end of this semester (May) to finish my final papers.  However, I FULLY intend to finish them well before that.  I'm almost done with one; it's really slow going with my beautiful girl to take care of, but with the help of my parents I'm getting some work done during the day, and I also stay up later than Eliza at night and work on my paper on my laptop in bed.  I'll be honest: it's difficult.  I'm a full-time SAHM right now, but my mind has to shift into academic-mode to write these papers.  It's a strange dichotomy, and - I gotta say - I'm not a huge fan.  I really feel for women who must return to work after only 3 months (or sometimes less) maternity leave - that must be even more difficult.

I recently mentioned (I think?) that I joined a local moms' group.  I've gone to three play dates so far, and aside from a few women I wouldn't exactly seek out as friends outside of this group... it's been a good experience.  I'm glad I joined, it gives us something different to do during the weekdays, and it's fun talking to other new moms.  Here's a picture of the babies from this week's group:

So, there's my fairly uninteresting update!  But HEY, after the countless bad news, awful, sad, depressing posts in my 252 post history on this blog, uninteresting is FINE with me!


Alyssa said...

Awwww...what a cute picture!

It must be tough having to switch back and forth between SAHM and Academic Mom, but it sounds like you're doing great!

Wendy said...

good luck on your paper! and i love her flowery dress! :)
Since you haven't found much time to blog lately - why don't you ask your followers what we want to know since you've been a Mommy? I saw it on another blog recently when they were going through a blogging slump - just an idea! ;)

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