Tuesday, January 5, 2010


Just in case anyone was wondering... less than one month left until the Lost premiere!!!!!!!!

Speaking of lost... I haven't been able to put together a coherent blog post yet since the new year, so this post might have a big of a lost feeling to it... bullets seemed appropriate, so here we go.
  • Eliza is smiling now! Real, beautiful, heart-melting smiles. They aren't predictable yet, they seem somewhat random, so you can usually find us staring down at her doing crazy things just to try to get another one out of her. So far, funny mouth noises and happy faces seem to work... admittedly, we HAVE tried a little Sir-Mix-A-Lot, รก la Friends... just for fun ;)
  • Hubby and I went to a great NYE party - we left E with my parents for the evening (and 4 ozs of EBM) and she did great. We stayed aaaaall the way 'til 10pm! Yeah, I know, we're out of control. It really must stop.
  • We went to see Sherlock Holmes today. There's a theater nearby that does "Movies for Moms and Dads" on Tuesdays. It's AWESOME. Every Tuesday, the first showing of the day for each movie is a special screening that is baby-friendly. They leave the lights dim (instead of turning them off), the sound is turned down (just a bit), and babies are free to cry and coo and nurse to their hearts content without parents worrying about disrupting the movie. It's SO great! Eliza slept through most of the movie. She squawked a few times and I just nursed her or let her suck on my pinkie and she fell back asleep. I think I might go to a movie every Tuesday from now on!!
  • My growing girl is growing... right out of her clothes! She's into all 0-3 months clothes now instead of newborn, and she's grown out of nearly all her size x-small cloth diapers, and into size small. The AIOs are still a little big on her so we'll wait to start using those until she's a little bigger. In disposables (which we use overnight and when we go out), she's wearing size 1.
  • We picked up this awesome little product yesterday, on the recommendation of a friend. They really work! And, they are pretty cute, too. No more lost socks!
  • Date night tonight - we're going to a new favorite restaurant - it's a tiny Thai place near our house. It's housed in an old Ember's or something, and so the ambience is pretty much non-existent, but the spring rolls are fantastic! Grandma and Grandpa are watching E.
  • Oh, and it's apparently blog de-lurking week or some such thing... I heard this from a few other bloggers, so I'm joining in on the world-wide-blog de-lurking requests. Step up and introduce yourself. I promise, I don't bite (exception: my daughter's teeny tiny scrumptious toes!).
Gah, that post was all over the board!


Alyssa said...

I was worried when I read the title, but it sounds like things are going so well. How cute that your little girl is smiling! And good for you guys for getting out and doing stuff just the two of you - so important. Those movies sound fun too!

Melissa said...

I am a lurker! P.S. I love "Baby Got Back"

Wendy said...

so excited for the final season of LOST!! ;) Almost as excited as I am for 24 and the Bachelor (i know so sue me LOL)

Baby got back had me smiling - anything you can do to get that precious smile right? hopefully you can catch a pic of her cute smile with your awesome camera one of these days - and that of your hubby doing the dance hahaha - glad to hear you're doing splendifully!

Dawn said...

That movie theater sounds awesome! It is nice to have something like that local as well as your grandparents to help out so you and hubby get alone time as well.

Summer said...

Yay for Lost! I am so excited for it and am glad to know that I am not the only one.

Good to know about the socks. I know that Abbie had a really hard time keeping socks on Anna's feet.

Anonymous said...

I am a lurker!! I have actually been lurking since before you were pregnant with Eliza. I read a lot of IF/RPL/parenting-after-IF/RPL blogs, but I always feel awkward commenting on them since I'm nowhere near these problems myself (I'm 18). *waves*

To A T said...

I wish they had movie showings like that around here!! So jealous!! :) Glad you had fun.

Jessica said...

Yeah for LOST! I forgot it's starting....

You will have to let me know where that theater is. DH and I will have to check it out when it comes time with our little one.

Ash said...

I love your update! Glad to hear that everything is going so well with Eliza. What a neat idea with the movie theater:)

BabyWid said...

Hi. I'm a lurker and in love with Lost!! Can't wait for final season, it should be pretty amazing!

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