Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Oh Hai.


So this is the night I start blogging again, apparently.  Just opened up Blogger and started writing.

So much has happened, so many many good, happy things.  Some big, some little.  And some not-so-happy things too.  But they have all been necessary, balancing things.  Specific, I know.  But it is hard to know where to start, what to say.  Every day - literally EVERY DAY - I think of something to write about.  I think of something to say - to someone out there, or to no one in particular - something that I don't want to forget, something Eliza said, something we did as a family, some random bit of parental fodder, a frustration, a question... And yet somehow I haven't.  Four months have gone by since we moved and I have left this space empty and neglected.  Someone asked me if I had abandoned my blog, and I thought that sounded so sad (poor, poor little abandoned blog!), but I guess that's what happened.

Geesh, somehow this feels so weird.  Guess I need to stretch my writing legs.  But I thought to just jump into a list of "what we've been up to", as if no time passed, would be forced.  Part of the reason I stopped writing was because I felt so immersed in and enchanted by our new neighborhood, a new way of living our daily lives, I didn't think I would miss writing.  But oh.  How I've missed it.

I've also missed the conversation and connection with you all.  Looking forward to getting back into it. I hope I find a routine and a new way of incorporating this space into my life again.  I want to for so many reasons... not the least of which is this girl right here:

Oh hai.  I've been here the whole time, talking like a second grader, eating raw pasta, cracking jokes, generally being cute, and also sometimes so frustrating that my mommy has to drink wine at night with her friends.
But! I'm finally sleeping through the night so she forgives me.


Alyssa said...

Nice to see you back! The best thing about a blog is you can always come back to it whenever you want, and leave whenever you want :)

Gemini Momma said...

Yay! Welcome back! I've missed all your beautiful craft foodie pics and of course, and of course your Eliza updates! :)

Wendy said...

welcome back! looking forward to hearing all the good and bad updates - missed your writing and your what she was offered segments! ;)

Dawn said...

Seriously after reading Wendy's amazing news last night I was talking to my hubby about all my blog friends & told him how sad I was you didn't write anymore. I even checked your page to see if maybe you had redirected to another page & I didn't know!! So happy you are back & can't wait to hear how you are all doing in your new home! As always, Eliza is gorgeous.

To A T said...

Yay so glad to see you back :) can't wait to hear all the goings on and see more pics of that cutie!! How is it that our girls are almost 3?!?!?

Jessie said...

YAY! Every once in a while I would click on the link to your blog, hoping there was something new (but understanding why there wasn't)! Welcome back!

Kirsten said...

Yay, you're back! I enjoy your writing and photographs and am delighted you haven't abandoned your blog. I once didn't write for six months, but as someone else said, you can come and go as you want.

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