Thursday, January 12, 2012

Potty Training

For the last five days, we've been working on potty learning/training/whatever you want to call it with Eliza.  We started on Sunday morning with a trip to get some big girl underwear, and we went from there.  I've been documenting every detail of each day, and I'm going to publish one a day for the next few days.

So, this is your warning!

I know that the five or six of you who read this blog might not mind reading about this subject, but... still.  I thought it would be polite to give everyone a heads up.  I also want to say that I KNOW this stuff is not interesting to anyone but other parents going through potty training... which is really why I am going to post it and ONLY post it here.  I don't talk about it on, so I talk about it here.  I also want to have a record of this for when P2 comes along.

To give you a little background, we started the potty training journey here, so this is the continuation of the journey.  I don't want to spoil the "ending", but, no, I can't say that we are 100% done as of today - or that there has even really been an ending to the potty learning journey - but she's made a lot of progress.  I am so so so proud of her!

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Eliza's Stats

Birth: 8 lbs 5 ozs
Going home: 7 lbs 10 ozs
5 days: 7 lbs 13 ozs
2 months: 12 lbs 6 ozs
4 months: 17 lbs
5 months: 18 lbs 12 ozs
6 months: 20 lbs 13 ozs
9 months: 24 lbs 3 ozs
12 months: 26 lbs 13 ozs
15 months: 28 lbs
18 months: 29 lbs 3 ozs
2 years: 32 lbs
3 years: 34 lbs

Alice's Stats

Birth: 8 lbs 11 oz
2 Months: 13 lbs 10 oz
4 Months: 17 lbs 15 oz
6 Months: 20 lbs 4 oz