Sunday, January 15, 2012

Potty Training - Day 2

We woke up for Day 2 to a dry pull-up!  Small victories :)  I know many people/books suggest not using pull-ups for overnight (or at all), but seeing that we're still co-sleeping for part of the night, I wasn't going to spend half the night worrying about The Pee Bomb to go off next to me in bed.  So, it's pull-ups for now.  We call them her "paper big girl underwear", just like we used to call 'sposies "paper diapers" (vs. cloth).

Straight to the bathroom we went where Eliza successfully emptied her bladder while Daddy (who was in the shower at the time) and Mama looked on - ah, the joys of the single-bathroom home!  Then she ran into her room to pick out her (first pair of) big girl underwear for the day (butterflies).  Then we played, I made my coffee, put away some dishes, we said goodbye to Daddy, and then we decided we should make smoothies.  Just as she was pushing up her stool to the counter to help me make smoothies, she got down and started running into the other room.  I followed close behind and found her standing outside the bathroom door saying "I peed, I peed".  She did in fact have an accident on the floor, but I took this as SUCH a good sign - she had actually felt the need to pee and tried to get to the potty herself.  And she got pretty darn close!  She peed a bit more in the potty and then we washed hands and picked out new undies.  I just said "let's try hard to keep this pair of underwear dry, okay? Tell mama when you have to go potty OR run to the potty yourself, like a big girl!".

She spent the morning dry, and we made an outing to go to our ECFE class.  She peed in the potty there upon arrival and then again before we left.

We got home and she seemed really tired and was asking for milk, so I put her down for a nap on our bed (on a towel!).  She slept a LOOONG time - like over 2 hours (which gave me time to take all the Christmas decorations down and sort through her old clothes to make goodwill/pack away piles - score!)  - and actually woke up dry!  I told her what a big girl she was to wake up dry from a nap and how exciting that was.  Then I asked her if she wanted to try to go potty since she hadn't tried since after ECFE.  She agreed and again emptied her bladder.

Also of note -- she had underwear and leggings on this entire day and was *almost* able to get them on and off by herself.  She just needed a little help in back.  Also, she was wiping herself each time.

Anyway, after nap Grandma brought lunch over and Eliza played with Grandma in the afternoon while I worked around the house (as I wrote about earlier this week, we are really trying to organize our living spaces right now).  It was a great help, and I was still able to be close by to keep an eye on the PTing.  Once during the afternoon, Eliza went into the bathroom and started trying to pull her pants down - I couldn't really believe my eyes, actually!  But there she was.  She said: "I show Belle!", so we brought our kitty Belle in the bathroom and Eliza showed her how to go potty like a big girl.  You better believe I held that cat down and made her watch my two-year-old pee in her potty.  Ha!  Oh, the things we do.

After that, she went a loooong time (like two hours, I want to say?) without attempting - and she stayed dry, but I was starting to wonder/worry since it had been so long.  So at this point my mom and I did encourage her to try.  This time we brought our other cat Maxx in the bathroom and Eliza showed him how to pee like a big girl.  Naturally, he was enthralled.

After that, Grandma left and Eliza and I played a bit more and then I got dinner ready.  Daddy was going to be late that night, so we ate without him.  Eliza was sitting in her highchair (with her tray on) during dinner, so I don't know if it was the fact that she couldn't get down by herself, or if she was distracted eating dinner, or if it was just a plain old "learning experience"... but she peed a little while she was sitting in her highchair.  It wasn't very much... but enough to change her clothes.  So we went into the bathroom (where she also peed a little more in her potty), got her cleaned up and then put on a new pair of underwear.

The rest of the night was accident free.  When Daddy came home, he took over.  She peed in the potty one more time (including a long stretch of sitting on the potty trying to see if she had to poop - hubby handles that much better than I do for some reason!), had a bath, and then got ready for bed.  All in all, it was a great day!


Abby said...

Yay, Eliza!!!

Jessie said...

Haha, I have to wonder if the cats think you're trying to get THEM to go in the potty! Or if this will occur to Eliza...but she's doing great! Good job Mom and Dad!

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