Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Big Girl Bed

The day FINALLY came.

Eliza had been asking over and over and over again: "is my big girl bed ready yet? Is the carpenter done with my bed?".  She was so excited.  We told her all about it, she knew a carpenter (not grandpa, we told her, a different carpenter - grandpa is a carpenter too, she pointed out) was making her bed and would deliver it when it was ready.

It was a Big Girl Week, that's for sure - she potty trained and got her big girl bed all in the same week.

First, we said good bye to the crib.

Why yes, that is a Pillow Person - any '80s babies remember those?
I think it was harder for me to say goodbye to the crib than it was for Eliza. was tough.  I didn't think I would have such a strong emotional reaction.  Saying goodbye to the nursery the way it was -- all the baby things, the arrangement of the room, all the time I spent in there planning and dreaming and working on it before she was born -- it was hard.  It's never going to look like that again.  And it was probably the only nursery I will decorate; since our house is so small, if we have another baby he/she will share the room with Eliza (no more bedrooms left!!).

I know, I know... first world problems, right??!!

At the same time, I was - am! - so excited for Eliza to grow up and get to experience all these new and exciting things... like the big girl bed.  It was a big moment when she ran into her room after it had been set up.  She was so happy.  It was such a joy to see her joy.

After checking out the top loft (where she will sleep when she's a bigger big girl), she tried out the bottom where she will be sleeping for now, until she's a little more sure on the ladder (and can manage it while groggy, which is what I'm mostly worried about).

A girl and her bed: true love
I had fun setting it up and making it special for my big girl.  There are some new things (owl sheets, pink pillow), some old things (pink blanket my mom bought me while we were on vacation in the Blue Ridge mountains when I was younger), and some handmade things (I made the purple pillows and my mom made the small quilt for Eliza when she was a baby).  It's perfect.


Alyssa said...

It looks so awesome! Great job!

I can see how it would be bittersweet though...these kids grow up way too fast!

Emmy said...

Pillow Person!! The room looks great and Eliza is adorable! Nicely done.

What a big girl she is becoming! How has the sleep been in the big girl bed?

Kirsten said...

You'll need an update on how sleeping has gone in the big girl bed. It went mostly smoothly with Oliver, but we had a period where we put him in a pack 'n' play for naps. (Mainly related to the fact that I was pregnant or had just given birth and had ZERO energy to deal with a kid who wouldn't stay in bed and nap.)

Anyway, who made the bed? It's awesome! Chris says he's going to make Oliver a bed, (he's currently on a mattress on the floor) but he has zero time and what Eliza has is similar to what I had imagined for Oliver's bed.

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