Sunday, November 13, 2011

Two years ago.

Two years ago today...

I was laboring at home, writing emails to Hubby that got less and less coherent as the day went on.

I soaked my ginormous self in our teeny tiny tub, dreaming of what my baby would look like.  I got out, and my cat jumped in the water.  I then chased her soaking wet mop of fur around my house... and then had a contraction.

It was the last day I didn't feel the need to "suck it in".  Ah, pregnancy.

My mom got in a minor car accident on her way to my house after I called her telling her I thought I might be in labor.

Hubby came home from work to find me in full-on labor...then raced around the house packing a [second] hospital bag, not realizing we already had one packed and in the car.  We ended up bringing way too much stuff!

My mom took this picture:
Laboring at home.  I sort of forgot how much that hurt!
I learned that seat belts (and cars in general) were not designed with the laboring woman in mind.

I saw my husband become the best, most attentive, engaged birth partner I could have asked for.

My life was about to drastically change forever.

I was not yet a mama.

       ...and then, 16 hours after that picture up there was taken, I was.

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Abby said...

Love this post. Made me a little teary and brought back memories of my own labors. :)

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