Sunday, November 20, 2011


Eliza's party was today, and after a rough start to the day - refusing to nap, and she had a cold - the party was a success!  Our food theme was "dips", partly because the party was at 3:00 and I didn't want to serve a big meal, and partly because I was trying to avoid having to use forks (ended up still needing them, but oh well!), so we had guacamole and chips, devil's caviar (also for the chips), spinach and artichoke dip with crackers, baked brie and veggies and dill dip.  And then of course, there was dessert!  My mom made the most delicious chocolate w/salted caramel cupcakes, and hubby made the yummiest coconut-vanilla cupcakes.  I have to say, I could honestly not pick a favorite... so I had half of each.  Eliza loved her party, and was totally comfortable and happy even with all the people and noise and chaos (and without her nap) - she really is a trooper, so flexible and willing to go with the flow.

A few highlights from the day:
  • As everyone was singing happy birthday, I was holding Eliza's little cake out for her with the little "2" candle lit... and I started to tear up just watching her and listening to everyone -- so many people who love and care for her, who have supported us for the last 2 years -- sing to her, to my sweet girl... it was so overwhelming and touching and I think it just hit me that she's TWO now, and really her own little person... very memorable.
  • After she blew out her candle (she totally blew it out all by herself - haha it was pretty cute :) and everyone clapped, the room fell silent and Eliza just said "need spoon!".  HA!  The girl just wanted to dig into her cake!
  • My brother gave Eliza a special little straw sippy cup in the shape of a bunny.  It is completely adorable and "leak-resistant" - and I have to say, it really is!  I will let you all know when it hits the shelves, it's a bit of a preview of an item that his team worked on (he's an engineer).  I was really touched that he thought to give one to his niece on her birthday.
  • Eliza's Nana gave her a whole bag of gingerbread making supplies and other accessories for the Christmas season - it is so sweet!  There's a gingerbread house kit, lots of gingerbread cookie cutters (including the elusive gingerbread woman!), gingerbread cookie-making supplies, a sweet gingerbread-themed child-sized apron, and gingerbread man kitchen towels.  It was sweet because Eliza has really gotten into baking with her Dada, so it will be lots of fun for them (and I'll join in the fun too!).
  • Oh!  And one from earlier this morning.  Hubby and I set up her play kitchen - her gift from us - last night after Eliza went to sleep and so when she woke up this morning we brought her over to it.  The look on her face was so so so sweet; I think I will remember it forever!  It was the face of pure toddler joy, and also a shy little look that said "really? this is for me?".  Priceless.  
  • Eliza's voice got a bit hoarse by the end of the day - both because of her cold, and all the excitement, I think.  Bu that little voice talking like that was really cute.  Haha, is that horrible of me that I think my daughter's sick voice is cute??  It's a bit lower and all scratchy... I think it's adorable!
  • My amazing hubby did SO much work today - not only did he make the cupcakes, he did almost all of the party clean-up, and I am so grateful.  I hate that part of the party - I love the setting up, the cleaning and prepping FOR the party, but afterwards it's such a letdown and all I want to do is sit on the couch (or in this case, sit down and play with organize Eliza's new play kitchen, food, and dishes!!).
The day was wonderful and I so soooooo appreciate every one of the family and friends who help make Eliza's life so rich and full of love.  Many of those people were at her party today, but due to space issues (i.e. we live in a shoebox of a house - but it's a cute little 900 square foot shoebox!), some of those people were not.  So, to ALL of you (you know who you are!), thank you thank you thank you.  We are amazingly lucky and grateful to have such a network of loving friends and family who support us in so many ways.  I hope someday I am able to have all of you in one room together :)

Photos to come!

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Alyssa said...

Sounds like it was a wonderful party! And I practically teared-up at the part about everyone singing to her. So cute about her reaction to the kitchen - I'm sure she'll LOVE it!

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