Thursday, September 8, 2011


(Today I actually have a what she ate photo!)

{pb pretzels}
{smoked salmon}
{pineapple leftover from a fruit salad}
{vanilla yogurt + berries}
{center: chocolate covered sunflower seeds}

Not surprisingly, the salmon, sunflower seeds, and the edamame are gone :)  

I overheard a toddler mama the other day who was worrying that her son didn't eat veggies and was wondering how could she "make him"?  I don't think there is any way - at least no good way - to force a toddler to eat a vegetable, or any food they do not want to eat.  The only thing we can do is offer our kids nutritious food options over and over AND OVER again ask that they try it.  Right?  I think that it is their job, their right, to decide whether or not they want to continue eating it.  

Eliza loves peas and broccoli, but she's not so keen on other veggies she is offered, and that's okay.  But does that mean that I only offer her broccoli and peas as a veggie option?  No.  I serve her whatever veggie we are eating that night, and she will usually give it a try and dramatically spit it back out on her plate.  And then we say "thanks for trying it, Eliza!"


Mandy said...

Agreed. In fact I think if you get a toddler to even try a new (or old) veggie, you've won. You certainly can't make them like it (or for that matter eat it). Heck, to this day, I won't touch brussel sprouts or beets.

BTW, where did you find chocolate-covered sunflower seeds? Those sound yummy.

Jessica said...

Ella - Thanks so much for sharing this. This really puts it into perspective for me. It's hard to know how much is okay for Gabby to be eating. This helps so much!!

Gabby also LOVES Peas. Yesterday we were out to dinner and I gave her peas, corn, broccoli, pineapple, chicken and wonton chips. She just ate the peas, some corn and a little broccoli - mostly the wonton chips, but she at least tried the rest :)

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