Friday, August 19, 2011

What she was offered...

Today I only have a photo of what she was offered - hubby was cleaning up the table and didn't realize I wanted to take a photo of her plate after she was done, so he threw the remainder in the garbage (or, in this case, the compost bin for the non-meats -- I have found that keeping a compost pile while doing BLW and feeding a toddler who creates a lot of mess and doesn't finish her plate has been great - my composter has never been so full of food scraps! :)

clockwise from top:
{leftover BBQ pulled pork}
{garbanzo beans}
{fresh mango}
{pretzels w/pb and raisins}
{babybel cheese round}
{center: fresh tomato from the garden}

She didn't care much for the pork, but ate the beans and all the mango - those were by far her favorite two things on the plate. She licked the pb out of the pretzels and ate about half the portion of tomato and half the cheese round.   She has been a fresh tomato FIEND lately with all the cherry tomatoes in our garden, and she ate almost an entire fresh tomato from my mom's garden last week.  I'm one happy mama when I watch her pick a cherry tomato (or five) and eat it!  I wonder if it will last?

I'm glad people are finding this fun little series helpful!  You'll see that I'm not all THAT creative with food, but I do try to offer her a balanced variety.  I definitely don't think that toddlers needs to eat something completely different/new from day to day, so there are days when she will get the same lunch (or breakfast) as the day before.  I just won't post the repeats here since that wouldn't be very interesting.

On-the-go snacks are also a big part of our life these days and I am getting bored of the same old few things that I bring out with me when we are out of the house... so I'd love to hear your suggestions if anyone has any?!


Alyssa said...

Mmm...that looks good! Better than my lunch I have today.

We have the same problem with on-to-go snacks, so I'm hoping other people will chime in with ideas!

Ruth said...

I really love all these posts you are putting of what she was offered and what she ate. And I love the variety of what you offer. Hopefully she will continue to love those fresh garden tomatoes as she grows :)

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