Monday, June 6, 2011

Water, Bubbles & Dock Dancing

We had such a fun weekend!  The weather was beautiful - it was super hot and humid in the cities, but the weather at the cabin was perfect (it seems to always be about 10 degrees cooler there than in the city). We drove up on Friday, ate dinner and then put The Girl to bed.  Then we relaxed with our Kindles (hubby relaxed by fishing off the dock, but he did have his Kindle in one hand!), and a drink.  It was awesome!

The next day, my parents came up, which made Eliza very happy - Mama and Dada are just not as fun as they are, apparently :)  She was asleep when they arrived, but when she woke up she was very happy to see them.  

We had a great day.  We hung out on our new dock (where Eliza thought it was pretty fun to freak her parents and grandparents out by dancing on the dock like a wild child), walked in the lake (still too cold to swim for this mama), and we also checked out a few garage sales in town.  They were all pretty lame, unfortunately, but we did stop by a little petting zoo while we were in town - there was a little festival going on and we just caught the tail end of it.  Of course I forgot my camera :(  There were baby goats there.  They were SO cute!  Aren't all baby animals cute?  They kill me with their adorable-ness.  Anyway, Eliza loved the animals, so it was worth the garage sale strikeouts.  

That night we grilled and had fajitas for dinner, followed by a fantastic rhubarb tart made by my mama.  My dad completed the awesomeness by picking up some DQ soft serve.  YUMMMMM.

The next morning we decided to check out a new playground after breakfast.  We have our 'usual' playground in town that we always go to, but it was fun to check out a new one.  It's at the boat launch on the adjoining lake, only about a 5 minute drive from our cabin.  Eliza gave it her stamp of approval by going down the twirly slide about two dozen times.  While we were there hubby found a baby painted turtle in the sand - it was so tiny and SO cute (what did I say about baby animals??).  My mom moved it to the woods so it wouldn't get stepped on.  Then we went to get coffee before we headed home.

Eliza took an EPIC three-hour nap when we got home, and I joined her for about two of those hours, which was so nice.  This is one of my favorite things about the cabin - napping in the middle of the day is perfectly acceptable :)

After nap, Eliza and Grandpa played with some bubbles on the dock.  Grandpa would blow bubbles and help Eliza catch them on her hand - she thought this was great fun.  She did this for quite a while!

Then we did some more walking in the water with Grandma.  Eliza is becoming a pro at this!  Hopefully soon the water will be warm enough to go swimming (warm enough for mama, that is!).

The day at the cabin ended with my mom making the most out-of-this-world, mind blowing pizza EVER.  Words cannot describe how awesome it was.  We were singing her praises the rest of the night (and today).  It. was. so. good.  Then we headed home while my parents stayed for one more night.  

It was a lovely, fun, relaxing weekend for all, but most of all, Eliza had a blast.  She loves it up there, and I am so glad.  She is the fifth generation to enjoy our family's lake cabin and it is such a wonderful sight to see.  I love watching her with my parents, it reminds me of when I was little, when I spent time there with my grandparents.  I have so many happy memories from that time, and I hope that Eliza makes wonderful memories there with her grandparents, too.  

I am one lucky mama.  In so, so, so many ways.  


Nobody said...

I love this post!! I've only had the privilege of visiting Shangri La twice, but I already have wonderful memories there. I know Miss E. will have thousands.

Nobody said...

p.s. Could you tell her to stop growing so fast, at least until I get a visit in? She is looking like a four year old on that slide picture!

Abby said...

LOVE that first belly picture!! We were sad to miss your company on our weekend adventures, but I'm *so* happy that you had such a perfect weekend! Here's to many more this summer!!!

justadrienne said...

What a great post, she is SO cute!!

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