Sunday, June 19, 2011

Our Thursday Mini-Adventure

On Thursday (when I first posted this I thought we did this on Friday, but then later realized it was actually Thursday - haha, go me), Eliza and I went on a little adventure together - it was fun, and we were so exhausted by the end of the day!  After nap, we headed to the closest park and ride, and we hopped on the light rail to go downtown and visit hubby/Dada at work.  It was Eliza's first time on the light rail, and she loved it.  I had told her all morning that we were going to ride on a train later on, so by the time we got there and saw the train (and heard the whistle), she was really excited.  We got on and rode it for about 25 minutes into downtown.  She sat on her very own seat and looked out the window, and at all the people on the train.  Of course, my camera was buried in the stroller basket which was folded up on the train, so I didn't get any photos of her actually on the train (fail).

At the train station

We met up with hubby at his office, where Eliza charmed all of the people there, and then went to have a bite to eat from a food truck - they are all the rage here now and they serve up some yummy food!  Then we walked around and Eliza enjoyed the ride in her stroller.  She is a people-watcher at heart, just like her dada.  Afterwards, we hit the skyways and, since the lunch rush was over, we let her run wild.  

Hubby had to go back to work, so we said goodbye and went to meet my brother and sister-in-law at their office, which is about a 10 minute walk through the skyways.  We had a coffee/chocolate milk date with them and Eliza enjoyed playing with her auntie and uncle for a while.  It's fun going downtown because there are three (soon to be four!) people we can visit!

We went back to hubby's office to pick him up, and walked back to the train station.  Eliza was happy to spend so much time with her dada that day - they usually only get to see each other for about an hour in the mornings and an hour in the evenings, so it was a special treat for her.

It was a fun afternoon, and we were tired when we got home from all the walking/running/carrying.  Needless to say, Eliza fell right asleep at bedtime that night.  We should do that more often, I guess!!!

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Eliza's Stats

Birth: 8 lbs 5 ozs
Going home: 7 lbs 10 ozs
5 days: 7 lbs 13 ozs
2 months: 12 lbs 6 ozs
4 months: 17 lbs
5 months: 18 lbs 12 ozs
6 months: 20 lbs 13 ozs
9 months: 24 lbs 3 ozs
12 months: 26 lbs 13 ozs
15 months: 28 lbs
18 months: 29 lbs 3 ozs
2 years: 32 lbs
3 years: 34 lbs

Alice's Stats

Birth: 8 lbs 11 oz
2 Months: 13 lbs 10 oz
4 Months: 17 lbs 15 oz
6 Months: 20 lbs 4 oz