Monday, June 13, 2011


Eliza is finally learning to say "grandma".  For a while, she didn't really have a word for my mom (we're calling my parents "grandma" and "grandpa", and hubby's parents are "nana" and "pop pop", names which she both says and uses quite efficiently).  It was weird.  She clearly knew who grandma was all along, but whenever we talked about grandma and grandpa, she would only verbalize "grandpa" (which came out "bumpah", and still does), making the sign along with it.  It was as though this word/sign combination represented both grandpa and grandma...?  Maybe?  Or perhaps she just never got around to learning the word "grandma"?  I guess we'll never know.  

But finally - finally - she has started to try to say grandma and it is so cute.  It comes out as "ahma".  It melts my heart (and if it melts my heart, I can't even imagine what it does to my mom's).  

Those two are best friends.  Eliza always prefers to be with/be held by my mom over me when given the choice (unless of course there is nursing to be done, then she will settle for mama), and it doesn't make me sad or jealous in the least.  I am so happy to see them together and to see Eliza love her grandma so much.  They have a special bond and they are both very lucky to have the other!


Alyssa said...

Aww...this melts my heart and makes me miss my mom!

Abby said...

Sweet post and cute new header!

Aletta said...

Huh, Patrick also only just learned "grandma" despite having all the others for months now. I wonder if it's too close to "grandpa" and thus confusing? He actually occasionally called her "mom" since that's what I call her.

Ella said...

Aletta - yeah, Eliza would also call my mom "mama" sometimes... I think you're right, it's too similar to "grandpa" for little mouths to say!

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