Tuesday, May 17, 2011

A Terrific Tuesday

Eliza and I had such a fun day today.

We started with baby story time.  First we went for a walk near the bookstore and grabbed a latte (well, mama did).  Eliza enjoyed walking next to me; we're working on teaching her to hold hands when we're walking near the street, crossing the street, or walking in a parking lot.  We've stolen the idea from friends and are calling it the "Parking Lot Rule".  It's actually working so far - she knows what that means and is getting better about holding our hands (previously she would wiggle her hand away).

Eliza loved baby story time today.  She even sat all by herself.  She usually sits on my lap, but today she just sat down and when I asked her if she wanted to sit on mama's lap, she said "no".  Ha!

This afternoon after lunch we made a quick run to The Almighty Tar.get.  Dangit!  I forgot bubbles.  Oh, the sadness.

We spent the rest of the afternoon playing in the backyard.  Well, I alternated between playing and gardening.  Eliza played on her slide and with the new/used plastic car we got her at the thrift store.  It's one like this, except without the creepy face on it.  It was only $12, and we didn't have to assemble it ourselves - score!  I prepared some containers for planting, weeded my tomato bed and discovered that I have a lot of wonderful, rich compost for my garden (isn't composting amazing?).  I put it on my tomato bed so now it's ready to be planted.  Hoping to go to the nursery and get that done tomorrow.

Eliza seemed to be ready to go inside after about an hour, so we picked some rhubarb and headed in the house to make rhubarb cake.  I have a good recipe from my mom and we have all this rhubarb on the side of our house, so I finally thought to plan ahead and get the ingredients to make it.  At first I thought I'd bring some toys into the kitchen for Eliza to keep her occupied while I baked, but then the thought came to me that she's probably ready to help me, or at least be involved in what's going on.  So I brought a chair into the kitchen and set up the mixer on the counter right in front of it.  She watched intently while I chopped the rhubarb, then I gave her the sugar to pour over it.  I would hand her the measuring cup filled with flour or sugar or whatever, and she knew just what to do.  She loved it!  When I turned on the mixer, she just smiled and stared into the bowl.  It was so fun.  Towards the end, when the batter was done, she stuck her finger in and got a taste of it.  OH BOY, her eyes just lit up and she was henceforth an unstoppable batter-eating monster.  Ha!  I guess she is definitely my daughter!  I could barely stop her from plunging her entire fist into the bowl, she was a woman on a mission.  I finally got the bowl away from her, and instead I did give her the spatula to lick.  How could I say no when I was right there licking the beater??? ;)

I love summer vacation!!!


Abby said...

#1: Still love your haircut. #2: So glad you've started baking w/ Eliza...so much fun!! Take a look at my preschool cookbooks next time you're over...she's probably not quite ready for them yet, but she will be soon! #3: Cracks me up about eating the dough. A and V aren't into that. I even made a special cookie with them (w/ no raw eggs, totally safe to eat) and they didn't like it. Eliza is a smartie! =) #4: Still trying not to be jealous about the start of your summer...but glad you're appreciating it. Enjoy it a little extra for me!!

Nobody said...

I didn't even have to click on the link to know what you meant by the creepy face. I was just looking at pictures of a friend's kid in one of the creepy faced models yesterday and thinking why, oh why, did they have to go and ruin that toy! Glad you were able to get a vintage model. :)

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