Thursday, May 26, 2011

She Could Have Been Famous

You know those viral you tube videos of babies laughing?  Like, this one or this one?

Well, we totally missed our chance with Eliza.  We had our chance - she did it once, she laughed like those babies - HYSTERICALLY, sooo cutely, for like two minutes straight... and we didn't have a video camera.

Here's what happened.  It was back in October, Eliza was 11 months old.  We went to visit a litter of 12 week old kittens (my parents were choosing two new future furbabies out of this litter).  There were about six kittens running around the house, but when we got there they all bolted and hid under the furniture (scaredy cats!).  So, we all sat down on the floor, Eliza on my lap, and we grabbed some cat toys - the fishing-pole type that have feathers, string or glittery tinsel at the end of the string - cats go NUTS over these things.  Anyway, one by one, the kittens started to come out from hiding.  They were shy at first, but once they saw the toys flying around, their little kitten brains couldn't resist and they started pouncing.  They were jumping up, one after the other, flying through the air, smacking into each other in mid-air, etc... sort of like this, only faster and there were six of them all going at once.  It was hilarious.  Even the adults couldn't stop laughing!

So, Eliza watches this unfold and at first is really interested and smiley.  And then as soon as they started jumping up like little jumping beans, she started laughing SO HARD, and did. not. stop. for like two minutes straight!  I mean, it was a serious belly laugh.  It was so funny - we had never, ever, heard her laugh like that or for that long.  My parents and I just looked at each other and laughed - we couldn't believe the sounds coming out of this girl!

Alas, we missed it.  No video camera handy, not even a camera.  I swear to you, if we had gotten that on video, there is no doubt in my mind that it would have gone viral on you tube.  I suppose I *might* be a bit biased, but really - seriously, it was just as funny and cute as those videos I referenced above.

So, here's a tip: if your baby is going to be in the presence of adorable, tiny baby animals, don't be like me and forget the video camera, people!

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justadrienne said...

Oh I bet you totally could have been viral between belly laughing baby and adorable kittens? Americas two most favorite things? Def.

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