Thursday, May 5, 2011

Oh, Snap!

I am way too excited about this, so you all can laugh at me, but I just picked up my new-and-improved BumGenius one-size all-in-ones, now with snaps!  No more velcro for our cloth diapers - yay!  I had the velcro taken off and the BG snaps put in instead.  Take a look!

While I do now recommend to any newbie CD users that they generally avoid aplix/velcro in general (especially in OS dipes), I will say that I did like the velcro for a few reasons:

  • I liked the adjustability; it was infinite and allowed for a really nice fit, which was especially nice when Eliza was a bitty thing.
  • Even though the velcro eventually started to fail, it did take quite a looong time - I mean, we used those 11 diapers for about 16 months straight (we moved her into these dipes - the one sized ones, that is - when she was about 2 months; they just didn't fit right before then.  Once she reached about 11 or 12 lbs, I found they were perfect, but before that they were just too big and we had a little trouble with leaks).  So, overall, given that they got continual use and went through the wash probably hundreds of times, the velcro actually held up fairly well, considering.
  • Recently, Eliza figured out that - hey! - these diapers come off if I pull this tab!  COOL (no, no, not cool).
The reasons that I am glad to have snaps are many, but that last point right there is really enough of an argument for me. 

The cost was $3.50 per diaper, so it was $38.50 total for 11 dipes, or, about the cost of two new diapers.  What it gave me was a greatly extended life of those 11 diapers (and rainbow colored snaps on the white ones, teehee!), so it was definitely worth the price.  Do I wish I would have just bought the OS with snaps in the first place?  Yes.  But, I did buy them at a discounted price on eBay (I think BG discontinued the velcro OS AIO line soon after?), so financially speaking, it worked out.

If anyone would like the info of the woman who converted them for me, let me know and I'll send you her email address.


Liz said...

Ella--I would love the info on who converted these for you. My BGs are already looking rough, and I only use them at night.

elizabeth.caveny at gmail dot com

Emmy said...

Awesome! Great job getting more use from your diapers! All of my BG OS AIO have snaps- must have been after the velcro ones were discontinued. I don't use them yet, because as you mentioned, we're having problems with leaks. Good to know that in a few pounds they'll fit better.

Nobody said...

Um, the snaps are adorable, but I don't understand why there are so many. Does the entire diaper fold over itself? You may have to post a diagram for those of us without children.

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