Saturday, January 29, 2011

A Visit from Nana and Pop Pop

Eliza had a fun day today with her nana and pop pop.  They drove down for the day just to play with her, and she had a great time!  She got a lot of attention, entertaining everyone with her antics; she was quite the little social butterfly today.  

Eliza showed pop pop one of her favorite books, Cats:

Then she and nana read one of her other favorites (a lift-the-flap book, those are big in her world right now!):

"Who's that hiding under there, nana?"

We enjoyed hanging out at home, playing, and talking about Eliza and how smart she is :), and hubby took his parents to a local burger place for lunch while Eliza napped.  After lunch I got the rare chance to run a couple of errands alone, which was really nice, even though the errands were rather boring (sometimes it's the small things, isn't it???).

It was a fun day and we hope nana and pop pop come back again soon!

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Emmy said...

Eliza is just so adorable. It always makes me smile to see the pictures you post of her. She's such a doll!

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