Wednesday, December 8, 2010


I've been away for a while - can't believe Thanksgiving was two weeks ago!  Ack, I've gone two weeks without recording what my dear Eliza has been up to.  :(

And I don't have much time tonight, either - it's late and I need to get to bed!

Long story short, things have gotten extremely busy for me lately because it's nearing the end of the semester and I am frantically trying to finish up final papers that are due, and I'm grading papers as well.  A the same time, I'm also (FINALLY) finishing one of my prelim exams (it's actually a paper, not an exam) for my program.  I've been working on it since before Eliza was born, so needless to say, I am beyond excited to finally turn it in.  But, this means that literally every night (and during nearly every one of Eliza's naps), you can find me sitting at the dining room table on my laptop working, typing away.  It's been a very productive week+, but NOTHING else around the house has gotten done, and obviously, no blogging has been done either!

So, what's been going on?

  • Eliza is saying "Mama" now, which is pretty much the cutest thing I've ever heard.  I walked in the door to my parents' house yesterday after school and she looked at me and said "Mama!".  OH YES, I MELTED.
  • We saw the new Harry Potter movie.  AWESOME.  And, it was the first movie that hubby and I had been to since before Eliza was born, so, YAY.
  • My beloved laptop (that I got when I entered my grad program over four years ago) has been replaced with a newer faster (but still not as pretty) version because my old one needed a significant amount of repair and buying a new one made the most financial sense.  I love the new zippy model, but I miss my sweet old reliable (er, right up until the end there) laptop.  We've been through a lot together!
  • I got a haircut.  Yes, this is the excitement that is my life right now - and I can't think of other, more interesting, things to include here, so it made the list.
  • We put up the Christmas tree, and (even though it's fake, boo), I LOVE IT.  The house is so cozy and cute with all the decorations up.  I have to give credit to the Christmas tree for some of the awesome progress I've made this week - I sit right in front of it at the table when I write and look up at it once in a while. 

Okay, I can't think of anything else.  But, it's late.  So, here, I will distract you with some photos!


Arwhyn said...

Great photos, as ever! I love the one of you all in front of the Christmas tree. Oh, and did I spot a triple photo frame with black-and-white pictures of Eliza in the background? We've got one just like that (though, obviously, it's got photos of Teddy rather than Eliza, LOL).
Congrats on finishing that paper - and getting a haircut! Something totally worthwhile listing (my last hair cut was in July, I think...?). And so jealous you got to see the new HP!

justadrienne said...

OMG THE STATIC HAIR!! I LOVE how cute and chubby she is--I just want to squeeze her!

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