Friday, October 8, 2010

Hello Again

I guess I have been busier than I thought.  I can't believe so much time has passed since Eliza's baptism, and since I last blogged!

And, as long as we're on the subject... I also can't believe that I'm designing a first birthday invitation and planning a party that will happen in only FIVE short weeks!  FIVE WEEKS, PEOPLE.  We're trying to decide on the scope of the first birthday.  The question is: two parties or one?  We were thinking one for friends, one for family.  That seems like a lot, but our house is so small, we can't fit everyone - friends and family - in our house all at the same time.  So, we're not sure what to do.  We'd prefer to have one big party, but it's just not feasible...  But two parties is a lot of work, so I'm back to considering just one party, family only, on her actual birthday.  I know it's "just" a first birthday, but I'm so excited to celebrate, there's a big part of me that wants to have a big 'ol party full of all the people who love Eliza!

So what's new with us?  Eliza is happy and healthy, busy as ever - and we are so lucky and grateful for this.  We had our first trip to the ER due to a tongue laceration that Eliza got when she fell and hit her chin against the coffee table -- she cut her tongue on her teeth.  It bled A LOT. OH LORDY, you have no idea how much blood can pour out of a child's mouth.  I almost lost it.  She, of course, was back to her normal happy(ish) self like 10 minutes later.  And even as it was happening and I was upset, I knew it could have been so much worse, and felt grateful that it wasn't.  We took her in just to make sure nothing needed to be done -- I mainly just wanted someone besides ME and my social science degree to look at this nasty looking cut.  We were in and out quickly, and probably talked about all day as 'Those Parents Who Worry Too Much' by the ER staff.  But, it calmed our worries and so it was well worth the $40.  A week later, her tongue is completely healed.  Way to go, stem cells!

We've got a fun weekend ahead with a trip to the BIG zoo planned!  I haven't been there in at least a decade, I'm excited to go back with Eliza.

Happy Friday everyone.  Have a great weekend!


Kim D said...

I think the tongue laceration is a pretty typical baby injury especially as the start moving around more--I know a lot of kids who still have tiny little scars on their tongues from that same sort of thing. But, I bet it's pretty scary when its your baby. Glad everything is okay!

Jen said...

Oh, I'll bet the tongue blood was SO scary! I feel freaked out just reading about it! I'm so glad everything is okay, and I know we have many such situations to "look forward" to!

Arwhyn said...

Hi Ella, for your party planning: I had three (!) first birthday parties (well one wasn't really a party). The first was his baby party - it was a joint one with two of his friends - and we had 7 babies in total there. Then on his actual birthday it was just us parents and his granny and we opened all his presents. Then on the weekend we had a family party (which was a joint one with Daddy, as his birthday is 1 day after Teddy's). This worked quite well as none of the parties became too overwhelming for Teddy - after all at that age they don't really appreciate too many people at once!

just me, dawn said...

SHe is so beautiful! thanks for thinking of us! W is doing so great, she is slightly smaller than your Ella, but not much! at her 7 month appt she was 20 pounds :) I love those healthy babies!!
if you ever want to connect on facebook, leave me a message on my blog and we can figure it out :)

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