Wednesday, August 25, 2010

My Loves

I caught a sweet moment the other night before bedtime.  Some serious Daddy-Daughter bonding was going on, and I was a grateful, happy, and silent observer behind my lens. 

He loves this girl so much.  There are no words for this kind of love.  Are there?  If there are, I don't have them.  Perhaps poets and writers greater than I...

And this girl?  Oh does she ever love him.  She lights up when he comes home.  She smiles and coos and says "Dadadada".  

There is a peacefulness that comes over this Dad when he's around his girl.  He softens.  And he is happier than I've ever seen him.

Those two are my loves.  How did I get so lucky?


Ash said...

Beautiful pics Ella:) It looks like you lucked out with your two loves.

Arwhyn said...

Ella, this is so sweet. You should definitely have the first picture as a big print and framed on the wall! What a fantastic photo.
I think the daddy - daughter thing is something very special and precious. With boys, men tend to be more rough- and-tumble!

Wendy said...

awwwww i loves it!! oh btw - can you do a post on cloth diapers as I noticed Eliza has a cute one on? I am so lost!

To A T said...

Aww! This is so precious!

Brynna is the same way about her daddy. Every day he gets home from work and she is BIG SMILES!

It does my heart good :)

Abby said...

Such sweet pictures!! There really *is* something about a daddy and his baby girl!

Ruby said...

I love these! So beautiful, especially the first and last ones!! Lovely!

Jessie said...

Oh my gosh. So beautiful :)

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