Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Tuesday Fun

It's Tuesday!  We had a great day today, I just have to write about it so I don't forget it.  First we met some friends at a local independent book store for baby story time.  I didn't know what to expect, but it turned out to be awesome - it wasn't just someone reading books to babies (as, obviously, they probably wouldn't sit through that for very long) - the woman who runs it sang silly songs, played instruments (violin - yeah!), used puppets, danced/skipped/ran around (she had A LOT of energy, OMG)... it was perfect for babies who have naturally short attention spans.  Eliza was completely enthralled!  She seemed to love every minute of it, and it lasted 30 minutes!  And guess what?  She clapped for the first time today during one of the songs!  It was so sweet.  I think we'll definitely be going back soon.

This afternoon, to beat the incredible heat and humidity, we went swimming with Grandma at a local community center pool.  It was so fun, and the perfect way to cool off.  The pool was great.  It had a little area for kids with a "zero depth entry", and it has all kinds of fountains and water features.  Eliza had a great time splashing and laughing and sitting in the water (and clapping, too, which is now her new talent!).  Towards the end she did dip her face in the water, which she reaalllllly didn't like.  She got pretty upset, but she got over it quickly.  She must have gotten water in her nose, which probably stung; it was her first time experiencing that not-so-fun sensation.


Eliza was not so keen on this particular water feature for some reason. . .

Pinching mama's pretty toes under the water

She was so tired out from our fun day that she totally crashed tonight.  Hopefully that means she'll sleep well tonight???!!!  Ehhhh, probably not... :-)


Aletta said...

Awesome :) Have you gotten the tip that if you blow in their face before dunking them it'll make them hold their breath?

Abby said...

LOVE that first picture in the pool ~ what a cutie pie!! And we love storytime at the R.B.! (Libraries are great, too, and have special storytime toys that the kids can play with after.)

Dawn said...

OMG she is too cute!! Love all your pictures!!

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