Thursday, July 1, 2010

Little Things

Things I don't want to forget...
  • That - and I'm almost positive - Eliza started waving yesterday!  It is so cute.  You really have to demonstrate it to her and then say "wave bye-bye!", but she did it yesterday to my mom and then this morning when hubby was leaving for work.  It is sooooo completely adorable to see her do it.
  • That Eliza is working really hard on clapping!  Also adorable, of course, and totally entertaining (for both of us!).
  • That today, when I put her down on the "playroom" (= our dining room with the table moved to the corner and blankets put down on the floor!) floor and went to get dressed, she was talking and shaking her rattle and squeaking her favorite squeaky blocks... and then all of a sudden, it went totally silent... and so I went in to check on her (because, you know, quiet never means something good)... and she was just staring down at her lap, totally zoned out.  Yep.  She was fine.  Just pooping.  Ha!  
  • That she is in a very needy, "Mama-is-the-only-one-[I want]-in-my-world" stage right now.  She's just hit a developmental stage where I MUST BE in viewing distance and, preferably, holding her whilst she views me.  :)  It's hardest on Daddy, but he understands that it's just a phase.  One day soon I'm sure she'll be all about her Daddy and be bored of me!  The only downside is that she is REFUSING to let him put her to sleep.  He used to be better at putting her down than me, but now it's Mama or bust.  Poor thing, she just screams when he tries to soothe her or rock her (or do just about anything).  :(  Then, of course, as soon as I hold her, she calms right down.  Oh, these babies, they keep you guessing, don't they!?
  • That she is just so cute, I can't even stand it.  I think I might die of the cuteness!  The way she smiles at me, the way she flails and rocks her body and bounces when she gets excited.  The way she laughs when I nom on her little tummy... she is just too cute for words.  Seriously, it's too much!  
  • That she is SO SMART.  OMG.  SRSLY.  The child is brilliant (wait, every mother says that about her baby?  Noooooooooo...).  She is curious, active, always needs to be exploring something, figuring out something, playing with something, looking at something... it's amazing to watch. 
  • That (on the less interesting side of things), she is down to two naps per day, and they are fairly reliably at around 8-8:30 and 1:30-2:00.  She's a great napper, and I'm thankful for that!  She usually naps about 3 hours per day in total.  Mama usually does too :).  In other sleep-related-news, she has become an early riser like her Daddy, and is up for the day between 5:30 and 6:00 most mornings.  She is still waking up at night to nurse, which is fine with me; I don't plan to night-wean her anytime soon.
  • That she is almost crawling!  She hasn't mastered it yet, but oh she is hard at work on figuring it out.  She can go from sitting to all fours and then back to sitting again, and she is doing the tell-tale rocking motion on all fours that I know comes right before crawling... she is so close!
That's all for now, just needed to get some of these little things down so I didn't forget about them.  Time is flying by at warp speed, and things change so quickly I'd forget these little things if I didn't write them down!


B MoM said...

omg, Ella and Kaua are almost described him to a T, the brilliancy and all! =) Except when kaua goes poop, he grunts too, so you totally know when he's doing it. lol!

Kim D. said...

Oh those Daddy Princess days are certainly coming. Cherish the Mama is #1 days :-D

Ash said...

Lovely to hear all about your beautiful girl. It sounds like she is so much fun to be around and enjoying life:)

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