Friday, June 18, 2010

Oh! Teething!

Bah, I'm so bored by my blog design lately.  I've been playing around with it and probably will continue to do so until I'm happy with it... bear with me!

Nothing much is new around here -- Oh, OH, okay here's something little and trivial: I'm having ridiculously extreme mommy-guilt for not taking a photo of Eliza ON her 7-month birthday.  Isn't that silly?  I know.  I took her photo the day before and the day after... but none on THE day.  It never ends... the guilt!  Oh the guilt!  Just add it to the list: no baby book, no calendar that marks the day she first popped a tooth, the day she first sat up... will it never end?!?!?

Oh! Teething!  Yeah, I think she's definitely teething (but really, when are they NOT teething??).  She woke up four times - FOUR TIMES - last night, and not just her usual 'heyhowareyoumama' nursing session (after which she falls right back asleep), but she woke up crying and didn't want to nurse until I rocked her a bit and calmed her down :(  I felt so bad for her, it really seems like something is hurting her, and I am just assuming it's her top teeth trying to come through.  I guess you never really know for SURE what's hurting, but I think I can see a little white tooth bud on her top gum.  I'm almost positive that's what's bothering her.  Come on, teeth, please make your appearance soon!  I guess we got lucky with her two bottom teeth, I didn't even know they were coming through, she didn't seem uncomfortable at all.

I haven't given her any meds, I've just been giving her cold washcloths to suck/chew on (instead of, you know, MY NIP.PLE).  Any other home remedies anyone has to share?


Emmy said...

You may not have a baby book or calendar, but you do have this blog which keeps a fantastic record of all things Eliza. I think you'd be able to go back through your archives and create it. I hope she feels better soon!

B MoM said...

kaua has woken up a couple of times crying differently mom thinks he's started dreaming... b/c we have no teeth in sight yet!

Abby said...

My kids never dug on cold things or teething rings . . . they liked to chew on fingers. =) Augie seemed to get some relief from teething biscuits (I think I have a recipe if you want one), but I can't remember what age we started those. Grossly messy. I'd use tylenol once I knew for sure that it was a tooth and they were running a fever . . . . (my kids generally got fevers with teeth - even though "they" say that's not possible!). Hope sweet baby Eliza feels better soon! =)

Summer said...

My friend Lisa gave me the recommendation to freeze mini bagels and let the baby suck/chew on those.

Anonymous said...

Ashley here. Another favorite blogger just posted on this topic. A lot of votes for some natural teething tablet, but then other people were anti-that because it has some herb that in larger quantities can be deadly. Is it weird that I know all this and do not have a baby or want one any time soon? It's called procrastination at work!

Jessica said...

When I was little my mom gave me frozen peas and corn. By the time they got unfrozen they were able to be swallowed.

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