Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Mama's Little Helper

Well, someday she will be my little helper.  But for now, when mama is cooking dinner, Eliza happily hangs out here:

She loves sitting and watching me move about the kitchen, from the fridge to the stove to the cutting board and back to the stove.  She's content to just watch me cook... and gnaw on a spatula.

Speaking of cooking... mama's getting ready to cook for baby, who will be SIX MONTHS OLD on Friday!  We're thinking of fresh (and in-season!) Sweet Peas for baby's first meal (assuming we can get them at the farmer's market this weekend!):

Eliza is definitely ready, she's been very interested in our food lately.  AND, her Grandpa Phil made her a set of two wooden spoons.  He made them just for her, and she already loves them.  Can't wait to see her use them to eat some sweet peas!  Thanks Grandpa!


Jessie said...

So cute, her in the sink! Can't wait to see those covered-in-sweet-pea-puree pictures...!

Alyssa said...

Aww...love that picture where it looks like she's lounging (with her arm on the side). Good luck with her first meal!

justadrienne said...

Sooooo cute in the sick!! This inspires me to clean my own sink, so that someday I can put a kid in it. LOL.

Wendy said...

she is so darn cute in the sink! can't wait to see pics of her first taste of the sweet pea puree! btw - what book is that? :)

Dawn said...

LOL I absolutely love these pictures. I even showed them to hubby who stated, "that's a cute baby". Doesn't he have great taste???

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