Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Walking, Rolling & Bedtime

We went walking today in the skyways near hubby's office after meeting him for lunch.  Daddy definitely enjoyed seeing his girls in the middle of the day, and his co-workers were all smitten with our little Elizabean.  My mom came with us, and we had a great afternoon - we ended up meeting my SIL for coffee, too.  She enjoyed getting a little midday Eliza-time.  Grandma bought Eliza a new teether, which she was very excited about... though she was equally excited about the packaging, so...

Eliza is getting used to her "big girl" stroller (above :) - she's still not a huge fan, I think it is a bit reminiscent of her car seat... but at least she gets to look at mama (the seat can face either direction), so it's not ALL bad.  I usually wear her in the Moby or the Ergo (or Daddy wears her in the Bjorn) wherever we go, but the stroller is nice to have because it gives me somewhere to store my purse and water bottle and things.  She liked the stroller for a while today, but eventually I put her in the Ergo and just pushed the empty stroller around ;-P  Then she took a nice little nap.

Eliza is practicing rolling over more and more.  She's still only rolling from back to tummy, no signs of going the other way yet.  I caught her in mid-roll one night... and then my camera ran out of batteries, so you'll have to imagine what she looks like on her tummy...!

We've started doing a bedtime ritual/routine with Eliza this week.  I can see that it's going to be really nice to have that time as a family each night.  We start by singing a couple of songs - Hubby plays the guitar while I sing.  Eliza loves watching her Daddy play the guitar, it is so cute.  We're learning all kinds of new songs.  So far, we've sung "Down by the Bay" (for our obligatory kid-song number), and "January Wedding" by the Avett Brothers (one of Mama and Daddy's favs).  I'm hoping we'll learn some Mason Jennings and perhaps some Tegan and Sara next.  After our nightly family sing-a-long, we read books and then Eliza nurses.  Then Hubby usually rocks her to sleep and we get a couple of hours to ourselves before we join Eliza (well, she starts out the night in her co-sleeper, so we definitely don't try to join her in there :).  I think we might eventually add in a bath to the routine, too...

Well, that was kind of a drive-by, boring, everyday post... but I thought I'd start posting more about what we do each day (sometimes - not every day)!


cheryl said...

I am glad that Eliza is doing so well. Someone gave me the same teether at my shower.

Alyssa said...

I love that you have a family sing-a-long! Your posts are so not boring - I love reading about how you're getting along and how little Eliza is doing.

Jessie said...

Love the sing-along idea! Andy might have to learn "Alice the Camel," as it is fun for both kids and adults. Hmmm, maybe also "Living next door to Alice"...I guess there are lots of fun "Alice" songs :D

Kim D. said...

Let me know if y'all need a flautist to add to your sing-a-long group!

Is she getting teeth already? Or do babies just like to chew on stuff?

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