Sunday, February 7, 2010


So many things I want to blog about, so little time! Bear with me while I get all these would-be-blog-topics down on "paper"...
  • Our upcoming New Mexico trip with my parents (Eliza and I are *so* sad that daddy can't come with us!)
  • Eliza's newfound love of screeching. It's so cute - and loud - I think she has just discovered the sound of her own voice!
  • The horrible Superbowl ad airing today that I've been reading about all morning... can't get it off my mind. So wrong on so many levels... no time to really get into it here and now, though. Go here to read an synopsis/essay about the ad, and here to read a sad but well-written blog entry by a woman who was forced to make a heart-wrenching choice no one should ever have to make; her thoughts about the ad are honest and raw. **So it turns out the ad itself wasn't so bad... wondering if they edited it?  I was surprised when I saw it.  The message of the organization is not something that I agree with, but I'm glad they toned down (?) the ad**
  • The fantastic meal we had last night with my family (parents, brother and SIL). A last minute invite turned into a beautiful gathering of family, food, wine and togetherness. Homemade spaghetti sauce (with meatballs!), homemade polenta, homemade bread, a bottle of 2004 Turley Zin... this is what life is all about! I went to bed feeling like the luckiest woman in the world. I'm so grateful that Eliza has such loving family around her - how wonderful it would be if *all* our family members lived closer to us.
  • Eliza's guardianship - done! Feels good to have that wrapped up, decided upon, signed, notarized... and without any drama!
  • My upcoming bday - blah! That's a whole separate post... but I'll be 29 on March 6th. Only one more year before my thirties. *sigh*
  • This GREAT new tool I just set up that will allow me to see how many visitors I get to my blog every day, how they found my blog, and where their ISP address is located (well, within like a 10 mile radius at least!). I'm so not computer savvy, but hubby helped me set it up, I'm excited to use it!
  • My wonderful husband... another blog post I keep writing in my head, but haven't had time to really sit and give it the attention and focus it deserves. He's such an amazing father to Eliza... so devoted, involved, caring, kind. I think having a daughter has changed him; softened him around the edges somehow...
  • Eliza's first shot :( We went on Friday to get her first vaccine and it was so so sad to watch her cry in pain. Harder for mama than for her, I imagine. I just reminded myself how lucky I am that she is healthy and that we are vaccinating her against these horrible diseases to protect her from getting really really sick. Better seeing her get a shot in the thigh than laying in a hospital bed.
  • The local mom's group I joined. I went to my first 'Baby Playdate' on Friday morning. It was interesting to meet the other moms... a mix of personalities and values/beliefs (of course!). A few were *definitely* not my type of people (as evidenced by the anti-co-sleeping, and then pro-formula-feeding soap boxes one woman went off on... it was so hard to keep my mouth shut!!!!), but I can see myself clicking with one or two of the women. It was a great opportunity to chat with other new moms about all things baby related. I think I'll go to a few of their other events - they are during the weekdays, so at least it gets us out of the house!
  • Schoolwork. Stress. Unwritten papers. Procrastination. Septemberpleasedontevergethere. Let's just leave it at that.
Phew! Okay, I feel better. At least I got some of what has been rolling around my brain OUT of my brain. Thanks for listening to that scattered randomness.

I'll leave you with a picture of my beauty (and my dear hubby in the background!)! Happy Superbowl Sunday!


Alyssa said...

Do not dread the 30s - 30 was my best year of my life, and being in your 30s is just...freeing (it's the best word that comes to mind).

BTW - totally LOVE the new picture of the furbabies on the right side! They are so adorable!

To A T said...

Oh my she just gets cuter and cuter :) Can't wait to read all those posts ;-)

Jessica said...

That ad sounds awful!! I can't believe that they would do that....

Don't be upset by the 30's. Although I have only been 30 for a month and a half it's not nearly as bad as I thought it would be :) Besides it's the new 20's....

Such a cute photo!! I love it.

B MoM said...

When kaua got his shots I told myself the same stuff to help cope with the sadness of seeing him in pain.

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