Monday, January 25, 2010

Le Duck

Eliza has a blanket with little ducks on it that her Auntie Julian made for her. It totally rocks her world. She loves looking down at it, which doesn't make it the best tummy time blanket, but it's fun to watch her look at it and study the ducks.

Ooh, look at that one!
Ah, that one is interesting.
Srsly mom, have you seen this blanket?


Jessie said...

This is awesome! She looks like a budding analytical genius!!!

Ruby said...

So cute!

just me, dawn said...

geez she looks so very serious....I need a blanket like that LOL. what a cutie!

Alyssa said...

Oh my gosh, she is absolutely adorable!! Can I have one?? LOL

Wendy said...

These are the Best.Pictures.Ever!! She is really thinking hard here - love your commentary too ;0)

Jessica said...

I love those pictures! what a focused look on her face.

Dawn said...

This is adorable!!!

Emmy said...


Kassidy said...

How cute is she?!?!?! I love the look of deep thought she has goin on there :)

B MoM said...

she rocks at tummy time! my LO still can barely keep his head up, let alone study the blanket he's on.

jrose35 said...

She is the cutest little girl! I wanted to let you know that we found out today we are having a little girl!! We plan to name her Kathleen. I am so excited Ella and she is genetically all healthy and moving all around even waving to us. I still pinch myself that it is real that I have the baby girl growing within me. I want to get one of those blankets your daughter is so precious!!

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