Monday, December 21, 2009


5 weeks old! Our little beauty is really starting to look a person! Here are a few pics from this week.

This one was taken of Eliza laying on daddy's lap, doing "bicycles". When she starts to "crank up" as we call it, we can sometimes cut her off at the pass by doing this, if the fussiness is due to gas. It really helps get the bubbles out. And then we laugh like mad at the bubbles coming out. Because SERIOUSLY, PEOPLE. The dynamics of the entire process are astounding, considering she is less than two feet tall.

This photo is just so darn cute, I can't even stand it. My mom knit her the red hat (which, conveniently enough, is so stretchy it will likely fit her until she's 18). She was happily riding around the house on dad's shoulder one night when I saw her little eyes peeking out at me. What a sight.

And here we have Eliza with her fur-brother, Maxx. Her EIGHTEEN POUND fur-brother who has been incredibly patient with the new little member of our household (and her shenanigans that keep mom and dad's hands and laps busy) - especially considering that he could, if he wanted to, SIT ON HER to show us how he REALLY FEELS... but he doesn't because he's just a great big ball of sweet teddy bear goodness. We love you, fatty.


Kim D said...


That's all I have to say. Just :-)

Alyssa said...

Awww - so, so adorable.

Dawn said...

What great pictures. The 2nd is by far my fav! Little beauty!

Kassidy said...

She is just absolutely adorable. Have to agree, second pic is my fav!

Abby said...

she's so adorable!! can't believe she is 5 weeks old already! love the peeking one =)

just me, dawn said...

i feel like all i comment on is how darn cute she is....but who's arguing? right :)
i am so happy that things are going so well for all of you!

jrose35 said...

She is too adorable Ella!! I love your cat beside her on the couch. We have two cats that will become fur-siblings and it is good to hear your cat is adapting well to the baby. We are hoping the transition will be smooth for our kitties as well. Such precious pictures!!

Ruby said...


Wendy said...

oh help me. heart melting at all of them but 'specially #2. Merry Christmas!!

Jessica said...

So freakin cute!! I love the picture with the hat.

B MoM said...

I see Eliza's cheeks are starting to fill in, just like Kaua's. It's amazing how fast they grow, huh?

nancy said...

omg - i love love love the one with that hat poking over the shoulder!


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